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Poetic imagery blends with religious zeal in a collection of poems by San Juan de la Cruz, the sixteenth century Spanish poet and mystic
A bilingual edition of the works of the Christian mystic collects all of the verse of St. John of the Cross, the Spanish monk whose radiant images evoke a world of pure spirit
This new edition to Crossroad's Spiritual Legacy Series offers an accessible, fascinating introduction to St. John of the Cross' life and work.
Christian perfection consists in the twofold way of charity: service of neighbor and our direct quest for God’s love. Many of us discover ways to love our neighbor, but few achieve intimacy with God. Why? Because we don’t know how to prepare ourselves properly to reach this exalted goal. In these pages, Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen lays out for us a time-tested path toward achieving complete intimacy with God, the path first mapped out centuries ago by the Church’s acclaimed master of the contemplative life, St. John of the Cross (1542-1591). St. John showed that God hungers for union with each of us but also requires arduous efforts on our part, the many details of which Father Gabriel explains in these enlightening pages. Do you perceive holiness as an unattainable goal for you? Or is fear of the fatigue of such an effort holding you back? Absorb this book, and allow gentle St. John to take you by the hand and lead you — as he has led so many others — to true intimacy with our Lord.
Describes the purification, or 'night', that the human soul must experience if it is to enter into loving union with God in this life. This title is suitable for readers, both lay and religious, who seek to experience on earth the kind of intimacy with God that will characterize the lives of the blessed in heaven.
This title has facing page translations of the great 16th-century Spanish mystic St John of the Cross. The preface and introduction contain biographical material and contextual information. The volume also includes poems attributed to St John of the Cross, but questioned by many critics, many of them translated here into English for the first time.
Apart from the introduction by Fr Steuart, The Mystical Doctrine of St John of the Cross consists wholly of passages from St John's own writings. It sets out in continous and convenient form all the essential points in his teachings. St John of the Cross was born near Avila in 1542 and dies at Ubeda in 1591. A Carmelite friar he was an enthusiastic supporter of St Teresa's campaign to restore the original and strict rule. His untiring work to spread the reform led to imprisonment, during which he wrote his first poem. He was canonized in 1726 and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1926.
Peter Tyler endeavours to represent St John of the Cross in the truest light, covering his life from the angles of John as Theologian, as Mystic, Psychologist, and Artist. Tyler draws parallels, at times uncomfortable, between the age of disruption and and change in the church during which St John wrote, and our current age. In so doing he makes the case for this controversial, but largely misunderstood, figure to be an important guide for practical theology today.
Looking for connections between his verse and prose, Colin Thompson argues for a theological understanding of the intensely beautiful and moving poems. He seeks to explain the principles that guide St. John in his exploration of the self and its encounter with the divine, and provides an analysis of the poet' most famous symbol - the dark night of the soul."--BOOK JACKET.
Saint John of the Cross is the Christopher Columbus of the mystical world for he discovered regions in it which had hitherto remained unknown. He struck out on paths in those regions hitherto untrodden by anyone else and so he may be called a true discoverer and a true explorer, but adiscoverer and explorer in a region of being with which few on earth will ever become deeply familiar. Most people will even be afraid of this world and do all they can to avoid entering into its sublime depths.In the writings of St. John of the Cross, there is described the most sublime and intimate union man will in the life ever be able to have with God, and though there have been many in the past, especially the great philosophers of Greece and Rome, who laid claim to know and love God by means oftheir systems of thought, yet they failed miserably in their efforts to know and love Him as we now are able to know and love Him, for there was no room in their philosophy for sufffering of any kind. Christ came to teach men how to love God by means of the trials and tribulations that, as long asthey live, it will always be their lot to have. And that is why the teachings of St. John of the Cross are so valuable, for no one before him has enabled man to find his way to the sublime joys of the world to come by means of the particular crosses it was his lot to bear. St. John of the Crossmore than anyone else before him has succeeded in making a science of the Cross and a means of finding God and of attaining to sublime union with Him.Like St. Thomas, he places his hand into the wound of Christ and feels it with the powers of his soul. No one before him has spoken so concretely about God and succeedecd in making Him so perceptible to us.There is a very special need to study the writings of St. John of the Cross in this day and age, for there was never a time when the souls of men have had need for the food of the strong that these writings are.
A thought for each day of the year from selected writings of St. John of the Cross.
Collected here in this omnibus edition are all three of St. John of the Cross' major works as well as twenty of his magnificent poems. The Ascent of Mount Carmel is the third major work of St. John of the Cross and is considered to be the introductory work on mystical theology. Dark Night of the Soul is one of the greatest religious poems ever written. This masterpiece of Mystic Christianity examines faith and how to keep faith when all seems lost. Think of it as guide to making it through the dark night of the soul to the brighter, happier, faith filled tomorrow that awaits. In A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ, St. John states: "I do not purpose here to set forth all that greatness and fullness the spirit of love, which is fruitful, embodies in it. Yes, rather it would be foolishness to think that the language of love and the mystical intelligence - and that is what these stanzas are - can be at all explained in words of any kind, for the Spirit of our Lord who helps our weakness."
The famed mystic's incomparable guide illuminates the path to union with God. This acclaimed translation of St. John's intensely poetic work offers a primer to his Dark Night of the Soul.

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