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The inspiring life-story of from the bestselling author of Mindfulness in Plain English—updated and expanded in honor of his 90th birthday. Bhante Gunaratana—Bhante G., as he is affectionately called—has long been among the most beloved Buddhist teachers in the West. Ordained at twelve, he would eventually become the first Buddhist chaplain at an American university, the founder of a retreat center and monastery, and a bestselling author. Here, Bhante G. lays bare the often-surprising ups and downs of his more than ninety years, from his boyhood in Sri Lanka to his decades of sharing the insights of the Buddha, telling his story with the "plain-English" good-humored approach for which he is so renowned. This expanded anniversary edition includes four new chapters in which Bhante reflects on the impact of the tsumani that struck his homeland in 2004 and his subsequent appearance on Larry King Live, his brief experiment in ordaining nuns at his monastery, as well intimate reflections on the loss of family members, and his own aging and infirmity—providing a model an inspiring model to us all of gracious equanimity.
A Fertile Path, authored by Janetti Marotta, PhD, in partnership with ARC Fertility, brings the teachings and practices of mindfulness to care for your whole self as you navigate the complex network of emotional, physical, and situational trials that infertility presents. While experiencing the stress that comes from infertility and its treatment, self-nurturance is not just important, it's essential. This step-by-step guide offers strategies for the challenges on the road ahead and support to develop the resilience you need to stay the course of your fertility journey. With the guidance of this mindfulness-based approach, you will discover how to: turn on the relaxation response and self-soothe, anchor attention to the present moment through mindfulness of the breath and body, rejuvenate physical health holistically, work with thoughts skillfully and emotions compassionately, approach challenging interpersonal situations with equanimity, find support in your intimate relationship, open to family-building options, and identify obstacles as challenge and crisis as opportunity. To shift from the realm of theory to practical application, A Fertile Pathincludes meditations, exercises, journaling, and practice logs. Guided meditations that complement the formal practices covered in each chapter can be accessed on the author's website: With this treasure trove of resources, you will be rejuvenated, transformed, and inspired to walk the path for yourself.
The book is a memoir of how a skeptical, fast-talking New Yorker became Thich Nhat Hanh's editor, turned forty, realized she was aging, and slowly and reluctantly started to absorb mindfulness practice and grow up. Scenes with Thich Nhat Hanh and the author’s two vividly exuberant older parents, illustrate how the author adapts mindfulness techniques for the busyness of her life, without losing her edge. With honest and vivid stories about dealing with difficult relationships with family members, death, illness, vanity, exhaustion, and creating a safety net of joy, the author explores and offers guidance for three key mindfulness practices: Knowing When You're Available and When You're Not; Full-Attachment Living; and Interbeing (Other People are Not a Hobby). This book is designed for adults who are new to mindfulness practice, Buddhism, curious skeptics, people familiar with the practice who want a personal story, and those interested in memoir.
Skye, a shy little Goldcrest bird has been abandoned on a tiny Scottish island far from home. Her muddled thoughts are interrupted by the discovery of a mysterious rose quartz crystal. Catapulted on a journey of self-discovery, Skye wonders if this magical little crystal can help her find her way home. Set around the West Coast of Scotland, this charming story introduces young readers to positive mindfulness: becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings. Through the eyes of the lead character 'Skye', the impact of positive or negative mental chatter on our wellbeing is explored. Self-awareness is the first step to dropping unhelpful self-critical thinking, instead, cultivating self-love, self-acceptance and living from our true authentic self. This book is an early reader chapter book, simply laid out with light illustrations. It is suitable for children to read on their own or with an adult. The story gives an opportunity for adults to talk to the young reader about thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Open conversation is an excellent precursor for positive mental health in the future. The Crystal of Creaky Cove is a fictional story, not an activity guidebook. It can be enjoyed as a piece of fiction whether the reader is ready for, or interested in mindfulness or not! Ideal for age 5-9 years old or older if interested in emotional health and mindfulness.
This book examines how a group of ten-year-olds attending public school engaged in a mindfulness project over the course of an academic year. The young people’s informative and inspiring dialogue, as well as their use of creative modes of expressions, reveals their varied understandings and lived experiences with mindfulness practices.
"Everyone should read this. Mindfulness is such a great way to live life to the full." - Amazon Customer "The greatest 'little book' ever! Take my advice, buy it now and you will wonder how you ever managed without it!" - Amazon Customer "Patrizia Collard's depth of experience as a teacher and practitioner shines through. I love this little book!" - Amazon Customer "Great book to pick up if you just have a few minutes a day." - Amazon Customer "I carry it with me everywhere. Lovely little calming book." - Amazon Customer "Delightful little book." - Amazon Customer Mindfulness is the easy way to gently let go of stress and be in the moment. It has fast become the slow way to manage the modern world - without chanting mantras or setting aside hours of time for meditation. Dr Patrizia Collard will show you how to bring simple 5- and 10-minute practices into your day in order to free yourself from stress and, ultimately, find more peace in your life. This beautifully illustrated book will set you and your family on the road of mindfulness so you can lead a more mindful, peaceful and relaxed life. Find long-lasting happiness with The Little Book of Mindfulness! CONTENTS: 1. Being in the Now 2. Accept and Respond 3. Making Your Mind Up 4. Simply Be 5. Mindful Eating 6. Gratitude and Compassion 7. Everyday Mindfulness
Most of us live our lives worn out with stress, anxiety, and emotional chaos. Moreover, the law of adaptations shows us that the more we experience any internal state, the more it becomes the operating system of our life. From Mindfulness to Heartfulness offers another path. It invites you on your own transformative journey to live life at your fullest capacity. It will show you how you have become who you are, and it will offer you a blueprint for change. It will show you how heartfulness, embodied, calms the threat and fear that so often consumes you, and it will offer you a step-by-step approach to one of calm and connection, including a loving connection with yourself. It will show you that love, compassion, and connection are trainable and allow you to tap into your deepest potential. It will show you that healing is possible through heartfulness for yourself, and it will demonstrate the transformative power of every moment. Built on the foundations of mindfulness, you will experience the miracle of heartfulness. This miracle emerges when we seek and actively engage in whatever life-generating opportunity each moment holds. When we fully embody heartfulness, our bodies transform, our lives transform, and the whole of our existence transforms.

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