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6x9 150 Page College-Ruled Notebook for Jiu Jitsu students, MMA fans, and grappling sports teachers. Get a black belt in writing with this handy notebook.
This Jiu-Jitsu Dot Grid Journal is perfect for BJJ students, grapplers and more. Contains dotted grids, numbered pages, and a blank table of contents to help you take organized notes and document your journey. It is a great tool to help you learn and improve your skills in many ways. Technique Retention The act of writing something down embeds it in your memory. Taking notes forces you to engage which internalizes what you've learned. Organization The blank table of contents helps you keep track by organizing your notes in a structured form. Problem Solving By tracking your training you can identify patterns and problems you may have and find solutions to improve your game. Knowledge Take notes on what you've learned from classes, seminars, private lessons, tutorials, books and more. Includes: Blank Table Of Contents Dot Grid Pages Numbered Pages
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