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The sixth book in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire. It's a volatile new economy in Durant when the owners of a multimillion-dollar development of ranchettes want to get rid of the adjacent Stewart junkyard. The notorious Stewart clan is an adventure unto itself and, when conflicts erupt, Sheriff Walt Longmire, his life-long friend Henry Standing Bear and deputies Santiago Saizarbitoria and Victoria Moretti find themselves in a small town that feels more and more like a high plains pressure cooker. 'The finest novel in [Johnson's] series. Steeped in Western lore with a contemporary spin' Sun Sentinel
Justin's new job at a guard-dog business seems ideal at first, earning money for spending time with dogs, until he starts to discover things about the job and its owner that change his opinion of it.
A completely original marriage of Shakespearian quotes with dog photography in which all the photos were made in junkyards across the country. These "junkyard dogs", some mean and nasty, some warm and cuddly, give Shakespeare a new accessibility . . . a Shakespearian dog noir. Over 100 photos in color and b&w.
Junkyard Dogs is the debut poetry collection by National Poetry Slam champion Damien Flores. His poems evoke the Old Town Albuquerque of his youth, growing up in a large, complicated Catholic family, and his relationships with his family and the city of his upbringing. With appearances from Juana Henrieta and Manuel Leyba, Tony Mares, Freddy Fender, and Johnny Tapia, Flores pays homage to the people and places of the Duke City.
The former Uncle Tupelo and current Son Volt musician presents snapshots of the people and places he encountered during his decades-long touring career. In this collection of beautifully crafted autobiographical vignettes, Jay Farrar visits the places he’s journeyed to during his more than twenty years as a traveling musician. While recollections of Farrar’s parents and his formative childhood in the Missouri Ozarks are prominent throughout the stories, it is music and musicians that are given the most space and the final word, since music has been his creative impetus and driving force. In writing these stories, Farrar found a natural inclination to focus on very specific experiences; a method analogous to the songwriting process. The highlights and pivotal experiences from that musical journey are all represented as the binding thread in these stories, illustrated throughout with photography from his life. If life is a movie, then these stories are the still frames. “Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs extends Farrar’s talents as he exhibits an eye for detail and a grasp of the human condition that proceeds directly from his own introspective nature.” —All About Jazz “Provides some illumination of the creative mind of a very private artist.” —Kirkus Reviews
After their retirement, three trash-talking buddies, who met while in the Navy, find themselves thrown together in Summerville, Maine. Unknown to them, three other men with hidden, very dark backgrounds are also living among the good citizens of Summerville. The six lives of these men become inexorably entangled as one of the naval buddies, Arne, becomes dependent upon these other three individuals for his livelihood. Events go from barely tolerable to very deadly, as the story of all these mismatched friends unfolds. Events such as these are not supposed to occur in small town America, but we all know that, at times, they do indeed!
A U.S. Marine Combined Action Platoon in Vietnam; a single Marine squad is located in Khung Toi, a Vietnamese village, working with the Popular Forces -- the local militia. Together, the Marines and PFs form CAP Whiskey 8. Three of the Marines, using the nom de guerres of Socrates, Captain Hook, and Sneaky Pete, get involved with a secretive and mysterious project, assigned to assassinate NVA cadre in villages other than their own. The corporal known as Socrates is disturbed by the project and tries to backtrack it, but finds nothing but more unanswered questions. On one mission, he and his two men find documents detailing a planned major NVA attack on CAP Whiskey 8. The Marines and their Vietnamese counterparts barely have time to prepare for the biggest fight any of them have ever been in.

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