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Just a Berkshire Kid is a collection of memories of my life growing up in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. I believe that the opportunities to be involved in the Arts and the interesting and colorful people that I was able to meet and interact with while growing up were influenced by my surroundings. In this book, I chronicle my musical and theatrical evolution from student to professional musician touring with Legendary Folk artist, Arlo Guthrie, and everything in between.
In the high-stakes courtroom battles of his legal career, San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair has prose­cuted cases that have changed lives, bringing justice to victims and sending criminals to prison. He has prided himself on getting it right—putting the guilty in prison. And when he gets it wrong, he does what's necessary to set things right. Steve Greerdon was not a dirty cop, but eight years ago Chris had evidence that sent him to jail for armed robbery. Recently, new DNA evidence cleared Greer­don's name and he was released. Then two police officers are murdered, and Greerdon is found at the scene of the crime with no alibi. Chris once again becomes suspicious, despite Greerdon's claims that a police conspiracy wants to send him back to jail. Either crooked cops are trying to cover up a years-old crime—or Chris was a fool for helping to secure Greerdon's release. Suddenly wary of the system and those who serve it, Chris can't trust anyone, especially not the policemen supposed to be fellow officers of the court. Chris's girlfriend, child psychiatrist Anne Greenwald, is drawn into the deepening mystery when one of her patients confides facts to her that could give Chris the evidence he needs to break the conspiracy. But Anne can't violate doctor-patient confidentiality. Complicating things further, Chris s teenage daughter becomes involved with Greerdon's son. Time is running out and murders are piling up. If the killer can't be stopped, Chris or his daughter could be the next victim. As Chris and Anne struggle to balance their personal lives with their professional concerns, this intense, powerful novel weaves an ever-tightening web of suspense that will keep readers chasing the truth until the final page. Praise for Jay Brandon “A courthouse drama that grips the reader tight, right up to the final page.”—San Antonio Express-News on Sliver Moon “Brandon writes with verve and authority. He knows the law. And he knows how to grab the reader and keep those pages turning.”—The Houston Chronicle Jay Brandon is the author of the Edgar Award-nominated Fade the Heat.
Neither celebrity-gawk, “misery memoir,” nor confessional melodrama, A Berkshire Boyhood is more reminiscent of such memoirs as Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life and Emily Fox Gordon’s Are You Happy? In fact, A Berkshire Boyhood will strike readers as a parallel universe to Gordon’s book, her own story of growing up in Williamstown, Massachusetts, as a privileged faculty brat and young girl in the 1950s. Berkshire Boyhood is a boy’s story of growing up from working class roots in that same place and time. It explores family troubles arising out of the wounds and separations of World War II, ethnic religiosity, and adolescent sexuality (1950s variety). Its deeper appeal comes from our curiosity about the 1950s and the Boomer generation, from the fraught relations between that generation and their parents, who fought WWII, from our interest in the influence of landscape on human development, and from a vision of post-war years as a decade seething with the anger and dissent of an incipient counterculture that would explode the sixties.
Insider's tips and shortcuts pack the geographical section of this book, which covers New York City, the Hudson Valley, Boston, Berkshires and other inland resorts, and the beach resorts of Long Island and New England.
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