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When its hard to understand being apart from someone you love, this book conveys an affirmation of love beyond time and distance with words that flow from page to heart. The illustrations tell the story, using colors and shapes for a fun and heartfelt learning experience.
Twelve teenagers from Earth fall under the spell of a demigod and are transported to a dangerous and mystical realm where they must survive until the Red Moon returns.
While describing her humorous adventures with a blacksnake, Betsy Byars recounts childhood anecdotes and explains how she writes a book.
When Jory Lalaban, a Filipino postman, finds himself the target of a racially motivated shooting, he is forced to confront long buried memories of his life in the Philippines — how he came to abandon the priesthood to become a worshipper of the Moon; his youth in an orphanage after World War II; the devastating "curse" that forced him and his new bride, Belen, to flee the Philippines for the United States. The shooting makes international headlines, disturbing the quiet life of the Lalabans, a family forced to face its darkest fears. The reader is introduced to a cast of memorable characters like Emerson Lalaban, the son who talks to his dead brother on the phone, but fails to properly communicate his feelings to the man he loves; Michael, Emerson's Taiwanese boyfriend, who vows to never fall in love with an American again; the wife Belen Lalaban, a woman who hears the quirky voice of the Virgin Mary; and William, the racist gunman who demands to be heard. Inspired by an actual event, this funny, rich novel unflinchingly tackles the most explosive topics facing America today: race, religion, and sexuality. .
Maisie Maddox is wondering if love has passed her by. Then, into her life walks Augustus Moon: debonair, loving and looking for commitment. But he is not the man of her dreams - he is an abandoned cat who has taken the unilateral decision that Maisie will be his new mistress.
When Serena Davis's ex-fianci, Jesse, disappears after a psychic's warning that trouble is headed her way, she enlists the help of Officer Kermit Riggs to investigate. Far from being the victim of foul play, it appears that Jesse has taken off on vacation with married former fashion model, Nadia Alexander. Disgusted by Jesse's irresponsible behavior, Serena gives up the search. She's realizing that she has a much bigger problem to solve: her growing feelings toward Kermit. But when a number of dangerous men turn up convinced that Serena is the only one who can lead them to the missing couple, the search for Jesse takes on a deadly urgency. As Kermit and Serena set out to find Jesse and Nadia, they discover they could find something even more precious along the way - if they live long enough.Tess Pendergrass currently lives in Georgia.
Kirstie is trapped in Dead Man's Canyon with a herd of wild horses whose lead stallion is injured.
"Slocum enters the west's meanest hellhole willingly"...front cover.
Chris Caldwell uncovers an Iranian plot to secretly take over a small Houston oil company
While helping the Los Angeles Police Department track a psychotic killer, Theresa Fortunato, a young clairvoyant, is haunted by the spector of a man with a knife
12 noveller fra Filippinerne - de fleste udtrykker - indirekte - forfatterens antimilitaristiske holdning
Twice upon a time, Prince Rupert and Princess Julia saved the Forest Kingdom. They have earned the right to live happily ever after. But there’s a blue moon on the rise.... Hawk and Fisher, famous for their years of keeping the peace in Haven, are really quite happy being legends. They gave up the hero business when they decided they’d grown too old for it. Now they run the Hero Academy, training young hopefuls to be heroes. Legends never die, but it seems they cannot retire, either. Hawk and Fisher’s adult children, Jack and Gillian, have been kidnapped. They were taken by the Demon Prince, an old enemy from the Forest Kingdom who challenges the couple to one final battle for their lives. But Hawk and Fisher believe there’s another motive behind the abductions, one connected to a case they worked in Haven many years ago—a case they refuse to discuss. They have no choice but to return to the Forest Kingdom, to be Prince Rupert and Princess Julia one last time in one last story—of the kind of things that happen only once in a blue moon....
From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Once and for All In her eleventh novel, Sarah Dessen returns to the beach town of Colby, setting of some of her best-loved books. Emaline is a Colby native, and so summer at the beach for her means hard work and a new population of beach goers. During this, her last summer before college, Emaline meets Theo while working for her family’s rental business. He’s a city boy who’s come to Colby as the assistant to a high-strung documentary filmmaker who’s in town to profile a reclusive local artist. Emaline knows he’s not her type, but she can’t help feeling drawn to him. And as their relationship develops, Emaline finds herself questioning her own goals, values, and choices in this classic Dessen romance. Sarah Dessen is the winner of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for her contributions to YA literature, as well as the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. Books by Sarah Dessen: That Summer Someone Like You Keeping the Moon Dreamland This Lullaby The Truth About Forever Just Listen Lock and Key Along for the Ride What Happened to Goodbye The Moon and More Saint Anything Once and for All
Twenty-one young women share life lessons, coming-of-age stories, and interviews with the remarkable women who influenced their growth
In this comprehensive overview of Man’s relationship with his planet’s nearest neighbor, David Harland opens with a review of the robotic probes, namely the Rangers which returned television before crashing into the Moon, the Surveyors which 'soft landed' in order to investigate the nature of the surface, and the Lunar Orbiters which mapped prospective Apollo landing sites. He then outlines the historic landing by Apollo 11 and the final three missions of comprehensive geological investigations. He concludes with a review of the robotic spacecraft that made remote-sensing observations of the Moon. This Commemorative Edition includes a foreword by one of the original astronauts as well as an extra section reviewing the prospect of renewed exploration there. New graphics and images are also included.
Explores the cultural, religious, and psychological significance of the moon throughout history and presents materials and guidelines for increasing moon consciousness as an adjunct to the contemporary rebirth of feminism

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