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The Hyakkaou Academy culture festival is in full swing with gambling gamesas far as the eye can see. Meanwhile, Mary and her friends must dodge the FullBloom Society's continued attempts to acquire people as a prizes...
Members of the Literary Club successfully defended it from Eneru Rokujo of the Photogaphy Club with everything they had! Meanwhile, Mary received an invitation to enjoy the hospitality of the Music Club's gambling den. Her opponent, Nadeshiko Rurichou, prepares a unique gambling game of sound and weight! Will Mary be able to beat her at her own game?
Mary has narrowly escaped a despair-worthy gamble, and managed to emerge even richer than when the game began...Unfortunately her skills have attracted unwanted attention, and she's been pulled into a conspiracy that could move the entire school!
Thanks to their strong bond, Mary and her team overcome the coupling gamble, and the now-famous gambling star joins forces with Aoi Mibuomi. But as she climbs the ranks of the wealthy institution, more and more begin to challenge her seat, including Aoi's fiancé, Sakura Miharutaki and Juraku's housepet, Mikura Sado...Will Mary be able to handle this baptism by fire?!
Will Mary enter the Full-Bloom Society or will she become Juraku's pet? As Mary struggles with this choice, an unlikely ally appears!
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