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Lilly never wanted to be involved in prohibition stills, but she finds herself at the heart of the deception when her husband, William, the county sheriff, is accused of taking bribes. The DA is murdered and William is fingered. Lilly is thrown into a cauldron of accusations, doubts, and fear as she fights to keep her husband from going to jail.
When a beautiful young Frenchwoman and a brilliant American actor meet in wartime Paris, their love begins like a fairy tale but ends in tragedy. Suddenly orphaned, their three children are cruelly separated. Megan, the baby, adopted by a family of comfortable means, becomes a doctor in the rural Appalachia. Alexandra, raised in lavish wealth, marries a powerful man whose pride is in his pedigree and who assumes that Alexandra is her parents' natural offspring. Neither of them has the remotest suspicion that she is adopted, or what turbulent tragedy lurks in her past. And Hilary, oldest of the Walker children, remembers them all, and the grief that tore them apart and cast them into separate lives. Feeling the loss throughout her life, and unable to find her sisters, she builds an extraordinary career and has no personal life. When John Chapman, lawyer and prestigious private investigator, is asked to find these three women, he wonders why. Their parents' only friend, he did nothing to keep them together as children and has been haunted by remorse all his life. The investigator follows a trail that leads from chic New York to Boston slums, from elegant Parisian salons to the Appalachian hills, to the place where the three sisters face each other and one more final, devastating truth before they can move on. From the Paperback edition.
KALEIDOSCOPE. A short novel about writing, sets out as the logbook or personal diary of Sergio Ranelagh, a 23 years old fledgling writer from Argentina whose wealthy, upper class family has sent him to the USA to polish up on his outmoded English, learned from his British governess. Hoping to become a mainstream American writer, he enrolls in a creative writing course in a college in upstate New York Schenectady. In this journal he jots down Americanisms and slang expressions, records his impressions on fraternity life and reflects on the behavior of his fellow students in the pre-hippie era of the sixties. Gradually the scattered pieces of information about his new friends, as well as elements from Sergio ́s own life, are turned into fiction and become the stuff of his writing assignments for the course. This is a book full of surprises, the choice of language being but the first. Kalman Barsy, an established Spanish speaking author, makes a cross-over and writes in English, integrating this fact into the corpus of the text itself by making the first-person narrator a student of literary creation in a language in which he is not a native speaker. The linguistic dilemma of the text is thus astutely resolved and --at the same time-- this solution highlights the main theme expressed in the subtitle. The novels storyline is told on different layers that overlap and mix in a diverse and changing ensemble, quite literally like the shapes and colors in a kaleidoscope --the last of which leads us to re-focus the whole novel, as we are made to realize that all we have read so far is nothing but a fictional constructo made up by Sergio from scraps of his real life. In the end we come to understand its skillful and ambitious interplay of mirroring narrations, splendidly summarized on the last page: "It's like a mirage come real, metamorphosed into the words that sprout up on the pages of your notebook. In the end, all becomes one: the delusory distinction between fiction and non-fiction, bullshit and truth, vanishes, abolished by the enlightenment of true inspiration" .Here the novel finds its true, enlightened inspiration and we are captivated by this dazzling hodgepodge of falsehood and truth. The construction is impeccable; the storytelling, enticingly imaginative and sprinkled with humor. Without a doubt, whether in Spanish or English, Kalman Barsy proves to be a superb spinner of tales.
In August 1963, Chaim Goldberg's life spins like a kaleidoscope out of control as he separates from his parents. He meets Nedda, a woman twice his age, but the next day he meets Stella, his classmate, and is infatuated with her. He wants them both, but the one woman he has to conquer is his neurotic mother. In the aftermath of the War and against the backdrop of the evolving American civil rights movement and feminism, he squirms against his manipulative mother and rabbity father and a malevolent East Coast mob boss, to get what he wants: to leave the East for California and become a doctor..
Through its unique kaleidoscopic lens, this book analyzes the work of Algeria’s first postcolonial woman writer to publish a novel in Arabic, Ahlam Mosteghanemi. Her novels Memory in the Flesh and Chaos of the Senses return to the trauma of the Algerian War of Independence to address the lingering anxieties of national belonging and memory in postcolonial Algeria at a time when the nation is caught between two forces: entrenched bureaucratic-political elites and populist Islamists, who imagine a return to a pre-modern, utopian past. This book argues that Mosteghanemi’s polyphonic narratives reveal that national narratives are always multiple—“unity” is not one, all-encompassing narrative, but instead an ever-evolving Bakhtinian dialogism accommodating multiple perspectives, memories, and stories. The study interprets Mosteghanemi’s metaphor of the bridge as a powerful device for exploring tensions between reality and imagination, exile and belonging, and traditional concepts of gender in ways that reimagine nationhood and gesture towards a new, collective future.
"Strong writing and fine characterizations make this first novel, Kaleidoscope, a great pick for a winter read by the fire, or a summer read on the back porch. Gretchen Stone is a writer to keep your eye on!" -Ellen Hart, Author of the Jane Lawless Mysteries "Appealing characters-well executed. A unique story line makes this a compelling page-turner."- Fran Blatnik, Co-founder Detroit Women's Book Club, 1994 "Enjoyed Down-to-earth, sincere prose."-Elizabeth Sims, Author of the Lillian Byrd Crime Series In 1950s Detroit, six-year-old Mimi Siegel and eight-year-old Barbara Jane Brown become fast friends when the Brown family arrives in the Motor City from Missouri. For years, the girls are inseparable; but the friendship changes when Mimi marries Barbara's brother, RJ. When RJ goes to Vietnam soon after the wedding, Mimi turns to Barbara for consolation-and gets more than she could have imagined. Their resulting torrid affair abruptly ends when RJ is killed in action. Barbara's guilt leads her to enlist as a nurse in the U.S. Army, and the ensuing years are filled with remorse for both women. When Mimi and Barbara Jane meet again years later, they discover that their childhood bonds of loyalty are still intact. But a dangerous chain of events is set into motion when they rekindle their romance, and their community is rocked when an innocent woman is murdered

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