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When a beautiful young Frenchwoman and a brilliant American actor meet in wartime Paris, their love begins like a fairy tale but ends in tragedy. Suddenly orphaned, their three children are cruelly separated. Megan, the baby, adopted by a family of comfortable means, becomes a doctor in the rural Appalachia. Alexandra, raised in lavish wealth, marries a powerful man whose pride is in his pedigree and who assumes that Alexandra is her parents' natural offspring. Neither of them has the remotest suspicion that she is adopted, or what turbulent tragedy lurks in her past. And Hilary, oldest of the Walker children, remembers them all, and the grief that tore them apart and cast them into separate lives. Feeling the loss throughout her life, and unable to find her sisters, she builds an extraordinary career and has no personal life. When John Chapman, lawyer and prestigious private investigator, is asked to find these three women, he wonders why. Their parents' only friend, he did nothing to keep them together as children and has been haunted by remorse all his life. The investigator follows a trail that leads from chic New York to Boston slums, from elegant Parisian salons to the Appalachian hills, to the place where the three sisters face each other and one more final, devastating truth before they can move on. From the Paperback edition.
In August 1963, Chaim Goldberg's life spins like a kaleidoscope out of control as he separates from his parents. He meets Nedda, a woman twice his age, but the next day he meets Stella, his classmate, and is infatuated with her. He wants them both, but the one woman he has to conquer is his neurotic mother. In the aftermath of the War and against the backdrop of the evolving American civil rights movement and feminism, he squirms against his manipulative mother and rabbity father and a malevolent East Coast mob boss, to get what he wants: to leave the East for California and become a doctor..
KALEIDOSCOPE. A short novel about writing, sets out as the logbook or personal diary of Sergio Ranelagh, a 23 years old fledgling writer from Argentina whose wealthy, upper class family has sent him to the USA to polish up on his outmoded English, learned from his British governess. Hoping to become a mainstream American writer, he enrolls in a creative writing course in a college in upstate New York Schenectady. In this journal he jots down Americanisms and slang expressions, records his impressions on fraternity life and reflects on the behavior of his fellow students in the pre-hippie era of the sixties. Gradually the scattered pieces of information about his new friends, as well as elements from Sergio ́s own life, are turned into fiction and become the stuff of his writing assignments for the course. This is a book full of surprises, the choice of language being but the first. Kalman Barsy, an established Spanish speaking author, makes a cross-over and writes in English, integrating this fact into the corpus of the text itself by making the first-person narrator a student of literary creation in a language in which he is not a native speaker. The linguistic dilemma of the text is thus astutely resolved and --at the same time-- this solution highlights the main theme expressed in the subtitle. The novels storyline is told on different layers that overlap and mix in a diverse and changing ensemble, quite literally like the shapes and colors in a kaleidoscope --the last of which leads us to re-focus the whole novel, as we are made to realize that all we have read so far is nothing but a fictional constructo made up by Sergio from scraps of his real life. In the end we come to understand its skillful and ambitious interplay of mirroring narrations, splendidly summarized on the last page: "It's like a mirage come real, metamorphosed into the words that sprout up on the pages of your notebook. In the end, all becomes one: the delusory distinction between fiction and non-fiction, bullshit and truth, vanishes, abolished by the enlightenment of true inspiration" .Here the novel finds its true, enlightened inspiration and we are captivated by this dazzling hodgepodge of falsehood and truth. The construction is impeccable; the storytelling, enticingly imaginative and sprinkled with humor. Without a doubt, whether in Spanish or English, Kalman Barsy proves to be a superb spinner of tales.
VOYAGES IN KALEIDOSCOPE is a little dadaist style book which undeniably reveals the Great Work. It is a must for all those involled in some form of Inner Work or practical Qabalah - the journeymen who seek the uncharted realms, the maze with its own order and images in kaleidoscope. The book was originally published in French, in the autumn of 1919. Shortly after publication in Paris, all copies of the book were confiscated and pulped. A few copies were overseen. Translated into English for the first time, it is now offered through Inner Garden Press. Enjoy this poetic little novel.
"The novel Kaleidoscope of Life" concerns the lives of Sally Evans, her immediate and extended families, and those of the local aborigines entwined throughout. Sally experiences various adventures on the Bogan River in far western New South Wales. This historical novel is set immediately after World War II--1945-1949--but the shadow of both world wars hovers over three generations of Sally's family. Community and family interact to provide support as everyone moves towards post-war healing. There are two romantic subplots and two relevant extended war narratives, one from each world war. When Sally's father, who was missing in action, unexpectedly arrives home, Sally thinks he is an intruder and is always afraid of him--with good reason. His psychological problems, domestic violence and alcohol dependency affect him and everyone else, especially Sally, who was born after his departure. Sally is given her own pony and she and her cousin, Elizabeth, who attend the same one-teacher school, are hosted to a week's holiday at Government House, Sydney. Sally spends another week in Sydney at the children's hospital, with suspected diphtheria. Both she and her part-aboriginal classmate, Trudy, who really did have diphtheria, spend time recuperating at the Far West Children's Home in Manly. Sally's Jewish friend, Esther Aarons, remains important, even after Esther moved from Nyngan to Sydney. She helped Sally grapple with the puzzle of where babies come from, and Sally's letters to her provide an outlet for her many concerns. Sally is spirited, inquisitive and thoughtful, with many girlish questions. She is secure in everyone's love, except her father's, constantly asking herself, "Why doesn't Daddy love me?" Peter, her mother's new love-interest and her father's best mate, finally answers her and opens up new possibilities.

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