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Cameralism and the Enlightenment reassesses the relationship between two key phenomena of European history often disconnected from each other. It builds on recent insights from global history, transnational history and Enlightenment studies to reflect on the dynamic interactions of cameralism, an early modern set of practices and discourses of statecraft prominent in central Europe, with the broader political, intellectual and cultural developments of the Enlightenment world. Through contributions from prominent scholars across the field of Enlightenment studies, the volume analyzes eighteenth-century cameralist authors’ engagements with commerce, colonialism and natural law. Challenging the caricature of cameralism as a German, land-locked version of mercantilism, the volume reframes its importance for scholars of the Enlightenment broadly conceived. This volume goes beyond the typical focus on Britain and France in studies of political economy, widening perspectives about the dissemination of ideas of governance, happiness and reform to focus on multidirectional exchanges across continental Europe and beyond during the eighteenth century. Emphasizing the practice of theory, it proposes the study of the porosity of ideas in their exchange, transmission and mediation between spaces and discourses as a key dimension of cultural and intellectual history.
Der Sammelband vereinigt Beiträge von Sozial-, Geistes- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftlern anlässlich der Zweiten Interdisziplinären Karibik-Tagung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (l982). Im Mittelpunkt steht eine Auseinandersetzung mit den Identitätsfindungsprozessen, die seit Anfang der sechziger Jahre den Karibischen Raum kennzeichnen. Die wissenschaftlichen Fragestellungen in diesem Band sind seit der US-amerikanischen Besetzung Grenadas noch relevanter und brisanter geworden.
This comprehensive guide is an ideal reference work for film specialists and enthusiasts. First published in 1984 but continuously updated ever since, CineGraph is the most authoritative and comprehensive encyclopedia on German-speaking cinema in the German language. This condensed and substantially revised English-language edition makes this important resource available to students and researchers for the first time outside its German context. It offers a representative historical overview through bio-filmographical entries on the main protagonists, from the beginnings to the present day. Included are directors and actors, writers and cameramen, composers and production designers, film theorists and critics, producers and distributors, inventors and manufacturers. An appendix includes short introductory essays on specific periods and movements, such as Early Film, Weimar, Nazi Cinema, DEFA, New German Cinema, and German film since unification, as well as on cinematic developments in Austria and Switzerland. Sections that crossreference names around specific professional groups and themes will prove equally invaluable to researchers.
This completely new German/English minidcitionary is the most up-to-date book of its kind aailable today. Design for tourists, trvelers, business people, and students, it covers the most useful general vocabualry of German and English, offering clear and concise translations of over 50,000 words and phrases. The Oxford German Minidictionary also provides helpful information on grammar and usage, and carefully labelling that allows the reader to choose the correct translation every time. Pronunciations of English headwords are given in the International Phonetic Alphabet, and there are stress and length marks on the German headwords that give further pronuncition guidance. An appendix shows the irregualr forms of German verbs, while those for English words are integrating into the text. A perfect fit for pocket, purse, or backpack, this guide places all aspects of German right at the travler's fingertips.
Die bewährte Dokumentation der zeitgenössischen deutschsprachigen Literaturszene umfasst in ihrer 65. Ausgabe 12.011 Einträge zu lebenden Verfasserinnen und Verfassern schöngeistiger Literatur in deutscher Sprache. Die Artikel informieren unter anderem über Adressen, Lebensdaten, Mitgliedschaften in Fachverbänden und literarischen Vereinigungen sowie literarische Preise und verzeichnen etwa 165.000 Veröffentlichungen der aufgenommenen Persönlichkeiten. Im Anhang finden sich u. a. Informationen zu Übersetzerinnen und Übersetzern, Verlagen, Literaturpreisen, Fachverbänden, Literaturhäusern, literarischen Zeitschriften, Agenturen, Kulturredaktionen und literarischen Feuilletons. Weiterhin im Anhang: Der bewährte Festkalender mit den runden Geburtstagen bis Ende 2011, der Nekrolog sowie die geographische Übersicht nach Postleitzahlen.
Announcing an innovative, new, practical reference grammar, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. It is the ideal reference grammar at advanced secondary level and above.
Designed for tourists, travelers, business people, and students, this useful language dictionary provides clear and concise definitions of 50,000 words and phrases plus wide-ranging and current coverage of the vocabulary of everyday life.

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