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What happens when you combine strangers stranded on a desert island facing such challenges as building shelter and catching food with AmericaÂ's favorite fill-in-the- blanks party game? Survivor Mad Libs, of course! Kids love challenges and adventures, and Survivor Mad Libs serves up both, along with a big helping of fun! To tie into the premiere of SurvivorÂ's eighth season, Survivor Mad Libs® is sure to become a favorite with reality show buffs everywhere!
To tie into the premiere of "Fear Factor's" fifth season, serve up the disgusting and the daring with this follow-up to the bestselling "Fear Factor Mad Libs."
The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Mad Libs Box Set includes one 48-page Mad Libs all about the Kids' Choice Awards and enough essentials to throw an awesome Kids' Choice Awards viewing party for all your friends!
ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Football Mad Libs: Touchdown is the ultimate set of American football mad libs. Hire new defensive coordinators, give interviews, and more! Complete story after story and laugh along with your friends and family. It's time for you to be the author of your very own football themed story. How are you going to tell it? BONUS: Double the mad libs for TWICE the fun!
Featuring make-your-own stories on a variety of subjects children know (but don't always love), from field trips and toys to school and parents, Kid Libs Mad Libs® brings youngsters hours of word-filled, grammar-packed fun. There's only one catchoplayers must know the parts of speech to play. Then again, if they don't, Kid Libs Mad Libs® will teach them.
Help for grown-ups new to coding Getting a jump on learning how coding makes technology work is essential to prepare kids for the future. Unfortunately, many parents, teachers, and mentors didn't learn the unique logic and language of coding in school. Helping Kids with Coding For Dummies comes to the rescue. It breaks beginning coding into easy-to-understand language so you can help a child with coding homework, supplement an existing coding curriculum, or have fun learning with your favorite kid. The demand to have younger students learn coding has increased in recent years as the demand for trained coders has far exceeded the supply of coders. Luckily, this fun and accessible book makes it a snap to learn the skills necessary to help youngsters develop into proud, capable coders! Help with coding homework or enhance a coding curriculum Get familiar with coding logic and how to de-bug programs Complete small projects as you learn coding language Apply math skills to coding If you’re a parent, teacher, or mentor eager to help 8 to 14 year olds learn to speak a coding language like a mini pro, this book makes it possible!
Stocking Stuffer Mad Libs is the newest Christmas-themed Mad Libs, this time with stories all about the man, the myth, the NOUN... Jolly Old Saint Nick! Stocking Stuffer Mad Libs is the latest in a robust lineup of Christmas-themed Mad Libs, this time featuring stories all about the NOUN of the hour... Santa Claus! Kids and adults will get a kick out of filling in the blanks of the 21 stories inside this book, all bursting with holiday cheer!

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