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Debunks nine myths about effective money management and describes the principles that lead to true financial success and prosperity.
During the next 31 days you will be opened up to ideas that are not common to most of the church world. It is our desire that the love of Father God will overtake everyone who reads this book.
In this autobiography, the author chronicles her family's journey as she and her husband let go of the sacred cow theology that mooed doubt and unbelief right in their faces. As a result, Calkins has been healed of many of her illnesses.
The publishing world continues to evolve, but myths about who can make a living as a fiction writer maintain a life of their own. Whether you pursue traditional or indie publishing success, you need to know the pitfalls and traps that undermine many writers' careers. In this WMG Writer's Guide, USA Today bestselling author and former publisher Dean Wesley Smith addresses the ten most damaging myths that writers believe in modern publishing. Topics Include: Right vs. Wrong Writing Speed Rewriting Agents Books as Events Quality Writing to Trends Making Money Writing is Hard Career Killers
As indie publishing flourishes, many, many myths form around this new booming area of publishing. USA Today bestselling author and major indie blogger Dean Wesley Smith takes a cut at killing some of the myths before they can take root. From the myth that indie writers can't get books into bookstores (they can) to the idea that indie publishing must be easy (it is and it isn't), Dean knocks ten myths down one after another and might just save you years of wasted time. Author of the acclaimed Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Publishing, this companion WMG Writer's Guide for indie writers and publishers will become a necessity for your reference shelf.
Of course there is a rapture. Unfortunately the Left Behind theories have butchered the beauty and the hope that is intended in this grand event. But are we really in the last days? Jesus said he didn't know, so how could we possibly know? In the mean time the church is robbing our children of their dreams and hopes of a better future. Time to rethink our end times perspectives, and the way we present this message. .
Felix Dennis is one of Britain's wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs with an estimated fortune of £500 million. And he didn't get there simply by reading about how to get rich. He went out and did it. Appreciating that those intent on becoming rich will not have the time or inclination to read page upon page of guidance and advice on the subject, Felix Dennis has reduced his own business wisdom to 88 tenets of wealth-generation, all written in his inimitable style. How to Make Money is for those determined to get rich, for those who will not confuse reading with doing, for those who seek the narrow road. (First published in hardback as 88 The Narrow Road.)

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