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It's Kae, coming to you from a crazy situation! After running into my childhood friend, Mistuboshi, at a voice actor event, I was excited to introduce him to everyone. But something wasn't right about Mitsuboshi, and now he's tricked me and separated me from the group! ... He has an extreme plan to keep me from Shima and the guys forever, and it's going to take everyone's efforts together to stop him. I've grown so much with the help of my friends, but Mitsuboshi just wants to keep the old me. Can we stop him before it's too late, and will someone have to put themselves in danger? ... Special bonus story! If you thought what happened with Mitsuboshi was wild, wait until you see what happens when we fall prey to a body-switching mystery! With the boys' bodies, I can finally take all the BL-inspired photos I want! Oh, and I guess we should solve the mystery too…
This unique collection demonstrates the profoundly interdisciplinary nature of Pre-Raphaelitism, and contains contains whole texts and key extracts from key Pre-Raphaelite figures such as William Morris, and from less well-known figures.
Penny Lane’s afterlife adventures continue at the elite Apollo Academy. Now the bonds of true friendship and loyalty are tested as she faces the hardest lesson of her afterlife. PENNY LANE SURE HAS GONE through a lot since her death. She’s mastered the job of melting, has served as a counselor in a ghost retrieval unit, and had even been thrown into involuntary time travel. Now she is in for the biggest adventure of her life: she is going to school! Penny and her handsome friend, Avery, have been handed their new assignments as students at the elite Apollo Academy, but the biggest lesson for Penny isn’t one assigned by any teacher. Penny is about to learn that things don’t always go the way she hopes they will. Her closest friend, the archangel Eric, has been sent away on a mysterious mission, and now Avery seems to have lost interest in her. Poor Penny can’t ?gure out why all of her other friends back home have mysteriously abandoned her. But not all hope is lost. As Penny struggles to understand why she has found herself suddenly alone, she is comforted by her new companions, classmates Elly and Alexander. She must try and ?nd the answers before her despair sends her to the underground.

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