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Gareth Rubin had the idea for this book after a horrific date with a Polish girl during which she attempted to engage a Russian couple in a fist-fight. He writes for a number of newspapers including the Observer, Express, Telegraph and Mail on Sunday about travel, property, the arts and personal finance. He recently completed his first novel, All Honourable Men. Jon Parker is a freelance journalist published in the Guardian, The Times, Independent and Telegraph, as well as writing for television news. He got involved with this book after trekking all the way to Stonehenge to find it's hardly bigger than the one in Spinal Tap. Bloody Druids.
These short stories have been especially written, with the help of a language expert, for young children who are just beginning to read. With the help and encouragement of an adult, beginning readers will be able to achieve the pleasure and satisfaction of reading a whole book for themselves.
Parents tell how they handle their children's education, nutrition, discipline, play activities, and problems
A selection of short stories about Animals both domestic and wild centred around the experiences of the author
Boxset of twenty paperback Apple Tree Farm stories; Pig Gets Stuck, Run- away Tractor, Camping Out, Hungry Donkey, Scarecrows Secret, Market Day, Barn on Fire, Pig Gets Lost, Suprise Visitors, Kittens Day Out, New Pony, Grumpy Goat, Tractor in Trouble, Snow Storm, Dolly & the Train, Rustys Train Ride, Old Steam Train, Wolly Stops the Train, Silly Sheepdog & Naughty Sheep RRP 79.80

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