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Hello, I am renowned researcher and historian, Dr. Katsumi Takayama. I am also the caretaker of Koko, the talking gorilla. Although known mostly for speaking, Koko also loves to read; some of his favorite books are about finance, investing, and building wealth.While Koko does love reading, Koko does not know how to write. Pencils don't quite fit well into his hands and his gorilla fingers are too thick to use a typewriter. Therefore he asked me to share with you his 115 favorite quotes about money and wealth. Some are funny, some are serious, and some even include his personal commentary. We hope you enjoy...
There were two souls in the universe waiting to be united. One individual was in Rhode Island, and the other was in Massachusetts. One was a tiny toy poodle, and the other was a compassionate human being. Both were struggling with challenges in their lives before the union. Neither one knew they were going to meet someday. The human being had a vision to the universe to find a toy poodle. Perhaps the tiny poodle also had a vision to the universe to find a loving home. The tiny poodle was a scrubby stray found on a hot day under a car, with hair so long and badly matted, he could not even move. He weighed three pounds. The human read about the tiny poodle and went to the shelter, where they cleaned him up so well that he looked so beautiful. Five people were interviewed, but the compassionate human was the lucky one chosen, or they were lucky to find each other. They brought each other peace, comfort, and love in a true, loving bond. It was meant to be. They awakened each other’s souls and had such an amazing journey together that will touch your heart.
When a body is found on Jim Qwilleran’s property, he and his cats Koko and Yum Yum will have to determine who committed the fowl deed in this mystery in the bestselling Cat Who series... The good people of Moose County are in a fever of excitement. It’s almost time for the gala groundbreaking for the Pickax bookstore—and the town of Brrr is preparing for its bicentennial celebration. All the festivities, however, are spoiled by the discovery of a man’s body on James Qwilleran’s property. Could it be the work of the killer who used the same MO in northern Michigan? To solve the case, Qwill and his feline pals, Koko and Yum Yum, will have to prick up their ears to find the thankless killer...
Young people need guidance from caring adults to build strong, positive character traits—but they can also build their own. This book by the best-selling author of The Kid’s Guide to Social Action invites children and teens to explore and practice honesty, kindness, empathy, integrity, tolerance, patience, respect, and more. Quotations and background information set the stage. Dilemmas challenge readers to think about, discuss, and debate positive traits. Activities invite them to explore what they stand for at school, at home, and in their communities. True stories profile real kids who exemplify positive traits; resources point the way toward character-building books, organizations, programs, and Web sites.
Power and responsibility as they affect political governance in Africa is the theme which is examined here in the works of the distinguished father of African literature. The author, a lecturer and literary critic of Commonwealth literature, identifies gross abuse of power and privilege as central to Achebe's fiction. He looks at Achebe's own view of the role of the African writer; the manifestation of abuse of power in his fiction; and his disillusionment with post-colonial irresponsibility in No Longer at Ease and A Man of the People. An analysis is also included of Achebe's short stories and poems of war.

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