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For Kumar Pereira, food and design have always been his passion. The Sri Lankan-born graphic designer and cook started this book as a series of hand-drawn recipes that he made for his sons to cook from when he was going away for a few weeks. Then came MasterChef, where Kumar was one of the most popular contestants – ever! Kumar's Family Cookbook features simple yet luscious recipes, many inspired by the cuisine of his native Sri Lanka, as well as beautiful drawings, family anecdotes, and photos.
"Food is the essence of existence." "Vannakkam" is a Tamil saying meaning "welcome," and that's just what this beautiful cookbook does—it welcomes you to a finer level of Indian cuisine. Kumar Mahadevan, the talented chef behind Australia's iconic restaurants Abhi's and Aki's, weaves over 100 recipes with the unique tale of his family's journey from India to Australia. A spicy blend of contemporary food and authentic cooking, From India covers seafood dishes such as rava methi machi, vegetarian sides such as gutti venkai koora, and a full lineup of traditional curries, organized according to the tastes: salty, bitter, sour, spicy, and sweet. This flavorful trip, with roots in Ayurvedic principles, will take you from the regional fare of India to the streets of Australia without ever leaving your own kitchen.
This book will help you to excel in the art of cooking and win the hearts of your family members and friends. You can alter the quantity of the ingredients used in the recipes according to the servings you need and to your taste. Although utmost care has been taken to provide you the right information about the recipe, even then the publishers, printer and the writer of this book is not liable for any print related errors. We shall await for your valuable suggestions, feedback and inputs to make this book even better. Man is a social being. In our society visiting each other’s house is a very old tradition, welcoming our guests is a culture since generations. If you are a guest to someone, they will serve accordingly with love & care. If the food is tasty and delicious you will carry back memories to cherish, then you’ll also do the same to your guests so that they should also carry the same feelings. A successful home maker is always crazy to serve tasty food and get appreciated. Keeping this in mind, we want you to be a perfect homemaker and a wonderful cook. If you are perfect in cooking, then even boiled vegetables can be a tasty meal. We are presenting a number of easy and convenient ways to prepare many famous and delicious dishes in this book.
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Indian cooking is known for its fragrant aroma and spicy taste. Author Hemant Kumar has spent majority of his life in North India and has brought together all the best recipes from his family tradition in this book. Readers will be able the feast on the delicious recipes of various type in each category of main entree's to desert. Famous Indian dishes like Chicken Tandoori and Goat biryani can be found here. Similarly he will explain the delicate roti making and mango lassi. The recipes are explained in a very easy to understand manner and carry lots of color photographs of the dishes. He also explains the spices used and even the process to make your own garam masala. Very comprehensive addition to your collection of recipe books, a must have.
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