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In this short-story, Doreen Sizemore, an elderly and opinionated Kentucky woman who seldom leaves her small town, visits a niece who works as a Mary Kay consultant in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her niece has a special surprise for her after she arrives--a nice, long, soak in the mineral waters of Hot Springs, Arkansas at the historic Buckstaff Bathhouse. Doreen is feeling quite the lady of leisure...until she discovers that a murder occurred while she was luxuriating in her first (and last!) spa treatment.
Heiress incognito! Merlyn Forrest Steele couldn't refuse the offer–work for a living for one month, and her father would stop his clumsy matchmaking attempts. Maybe she'd somehow find a man who had eyes for her, not her bank account, and meanwhile, she could prove she was no dilettante heiress. So it was ironic that the first man to penetrate her defenses in her new life would be the one who was looking for just that...Not that she'd have the sardonic, arrogant Cameron Thorpe, even if he asked her. Let him go ahead and marry some insipid little heiress–he'd get exactly what he deserved...But why did this thought give Merlyn no comfort at all?
When a Scottish lord finds an enchanting stowaway in his stolen cargo, he decides to keep her… After failing to find a suitable wife, Lord Ian MacLachlan turns his attention to restoring his crumbling estate in the wild, remote Scottish Highlands. When his less scrupulous brothers rove the countryside, they bring back an unexpected prize: a beautiful woman wearing a priceless sapphire. The honorable Ian apologizes for the mistake and offers to return her home. Home is the last place Miranda Worth wants to be. It took all her courage to run away from her intolerable situation, and she believes a lie is her only defense…even though Ian’s eyes make her want to tell him everything. But if she waits too long for the truth, she may lose everything she loves. Lady in Sapphire is a stand-alone novella set in the Secrets of the Zodiac world.
Daughter of Eve: Vivianne, Lady of the Lake By: Mira El Lindsey The story of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is known by many. It has been told and retold throughout time. Now see it through the eyes of the Lady of the Lake, Vivianne, as she recounts the well-known tale as it really happened. In Avalon there is peace, and the priestesses of the Mother Goddess can live and worship in peace. But constant invasions from the Saxons threaten life and rule in Britain. There will be a time when a great king will vow to unify all and rule from a throne of love in Camelot. His journey will not be easy, as there are many who wish his downfall. But with the inner sight that resides within his aunts and sister, his journey will be well watched. Vivianne, High Priestess of Avalon recounts these times and tells those willing to listen the truth about her family, and of Camelot.

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