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Ce livre de questionnement radical, propose un changement de perspectives et de conception. Il bannit les ornieres et les limites conventionnelles. A fortiorie, il derange les interets des gestionnaires de la recherche! Il s'agit d'un questionnement scientifique et philosophique qui risque de renverser ce qui etait longtemps pris pour acquis. Cette relance du debat, mettra l'intelligence humaine devant les nouveaux defis. On y trouve un vaste canevas de cogitations: * Pistes interdites de recherche et visions audacieuses * Le darwinisme et la pensee magique moderne * Confrontation avec la science mercantile et coups de fouet a la religion * L'expansion du phenomene religieux dans la societe moderne * Spiritualite basse frequence et virus du sous-developpement Que cette lecture soit une Source d'Inspiration et surtout, le prelude a une declaration d'independance intellectuelle et spirituelle qui va de pair avec une profonde connexion et un retour a l'unite dans le respect de la difference.
This volume represents the first attempt to examine occult sciences as a distinct category of Byzantine intellectual culture. It is concerned with both the reality and the image of the occult sciences in Byzantium, and seeks, above all, to represent them in their social and cultural context as a historical phenomenon. The eleven essays demonstrate that Byzantium was not marginal to the scientific culture of the Middle Ages, and that the occult sciences were not marginal to the learned culture of the medieval Byzantine world.
Of interest to interdisciplinary historians as well as those in various other fields, this book presents the first publication of 14 poems ranging from 12 to 3,000 lines. The poems are printed in the chronological order of their composition, from Elizabethan to Augustan times, but nine of them are verse translations of works from earlier periods in the development of alchemy. Each has a textual and historical introduction and explanatory note by the Editor. Renaissance alchemy is acknowledged as an important element in the histories of early modern science and medicine. This book emphasises these poems’ expression of and shaping influence on religious, social and political values and institutions of their time too and is a useful reference work with much to offer for cultural studies and literary studies as well as science and history.

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