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This book, a standard reference for Lao and English speakers, reviews conversation, grammar, and reading and writing.
Lao is the national language of Laos, and is also spoken widely in Thailand and Cambodia. It is a tone language of the Tai-Kadai family (Southwestern Tai branch). Lao is an extreme example of the isolating, analytic language type. This book is the most comprehensive grammatical description of Lao to date. It describes and analyses the important structures of the language, including classifiers, sentence-final particles, and serial verb constructions. Special attention is paid to grammatical topics from a semantic, pragmatic, and typological perspective.
This book provides basic grammar and the vocabulary and phrases essential to any traveller. All Thai words are spelled in the English alphabet, thus making it an easy reference for people unfamiliar with Thai script.
This book captures the dynamics of history, memory, and territorial cults in Houay Yong, a Tai Vat village situated in the multiethnic highland frontier between Laos and Vietnam. By taking seriously the experiences of the villagers, it partakes in a broader movement to reintegrate highlanders and their agency into history at large. Based on comprehensive fieldwork research and the examination of colonial archives, this book makes accessible, for an English-speaking audience, untapped French archives on Laos and early publications on territorial cults written by French ethnologists. In so doing, it provides a balanced perspective, drawing from the fields of memory studies and classical historical research. Following a chronological approach stretching from the nineteenth century to the present, it extends narrative analysis through a comparative ethnography of territorial cults, a key component of the performative and material presentification of the past. Highly interdisciplinary in nature, History, Memory and Territorial Cults in the Highlands of Laos will be useful to students and scholars of anthropology, history, and religious studies, as well as Asian culture and society.
Traveling to Laos? This is an excellent introductory book to the language of Lao. Lao for Beginners gives students a basic understanding of the rudimentary aspects of the language needed for everyday communication. Its easy-to-use layout includes lessons in Laos script, romanized form, and English, introducing beginning students to essential vocabulary and grammatical structures, and allowing them to focus on both the written and spoken language. This comprehensive guide is perfect for anyone interested in learning the language of the people of Laos.
Describes the history, culture, and people of Laos, and includes tips on travel, accommodations, restaurants, and sightseeing

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