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A broke PI attempts to prove the innocence of a wrongly convicted homeless man Late at night by posh Gramercy Park, a woman peers into the backseat of a parked car. She’s never seen a dead body before, but there’s enough blood that she has no doubt what she’s looking at. She remembers seeing a strange man nearby, and the police use her fuzzy identification and a few other bits of tenuous evidence to finger Billy Sowell, an alcoholic bum with limited intelligence and a patchy memory, as the killer. Who cares if he’s guilty? Billy’s an easy conviction, and his case is forgotten until years later, when it falls in the lap of PI Marty Blake. Blake will take anything as he tries to rebuild his practice after a year’s suspension for illegal surveillance, and he attempts to clear Billy’s name using his expertise at computerized investigation. But when it comes to proving the New York Police Department wrong, virtual sleuthing will not be enough. For this computer expert, it’s time to play tough.
This inspirational story is about Sandy Goodwin, a homemaker from Dix Hills, N.Y., who suddenly finds herself widowed and thrown into the world of singles. Despite her devoted family, it doesnt take her long before she has moved to an adult community in South Carolina, where she makes new friends and becomes familiar with the environment. With the help of her friend Cynthia, Sandy is soon weaving her way through the maze of internet dating and the trials of reentry into the singles scene. Sandys first encounter with romance is her liaison with a sexually obsessed Southerner, who sweeps her off her feet. She matches his demands for a sexual relationship with standards of her own, but is ultimately forced to end their affair when his excessive drinking becomes too much for her to handle. By a stroke of good luck and encouragement from her son, Sandy meets the man who will become her life mate, and we watch them embark on an adventure of discovery and passion.
Evil and Greed are running amuck in the town of Middleville, Tennessee. Pregnant teenagers are missing and newborn babies are being sold to the highest bidder. A young boy unwillingly finds himself the target of two greedy men as he stubbles onto a plot to abduct teenage girls who have one thing in common they are all pregnant. It's daja vu for Jena Freemen who finds herself revisited by the very thing that led to her giving up her daughters twenty-six years agoB!seibab tekramkcal SECOND CHANCE is about another time and another chance for a daughter and a mother; for a young pregnant girl, who had been the victim of a kidnapping when she was three years old, only to find herself kidnapped again; and for a boy who had been at the wrong plance at the wrong time.
Trenia Hill Coleman is an author from Northern Virginia. In The Shadows is Trenias fourth novel. Trenia lived in Dubberly, Louisiana and attended Ringgold High School in Ringgold, Louisiana before joining the military. Trenia attended Grambling State University, and is a graduate of Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas, and Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. She is currently serving in the United States Army and lives with her husband and children.

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