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Le avventure d'Alice nel paese delle meraviglieBy Lewis Carroll: "In qual modo? In qual modo?" per vedere in qual modo si mutava, ma restò molto sorpresa nel vedersi della stessa statura: certo, così accade a tutti coloro che mangiano pasticci, ma Alice s'era tanto abituata a veder cose straordinarie, che le sembrava una cosa stupida e sciocca quella di crescere, come si cresce generalmente.
Emerging in several different versions during the author's lifetime, Lewis Carroll's Alice novels have a publishing history almost as magical and mysterious as the stories themselves. Zoe Jaques and Eugene Giddens offer a detailed and nuanced account of the initial publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and investigate how their subsequent transformations through print, illustration, film, song, music videos, and even stamp-cases and biscuit tins affected the reception of these childhood favourites. The authors consider issues related to the orality of the original tale and its impact on subsequent transmission, the differences between the manuscripts and printed editions, and the politics of writing and publishing for children in the 1860s. In addition, they take account of Carroll's own responses to the books' popularity, including his writing of major adaptations and a significant body of meta-textual commentary, and his reactions to the staging of Alice in Wonderland. Attentive to the child reader, how changing notions of childhood identity and needs affected shifting narratives of the story, and the representation of the child's body by various illustrators, the authors also make a significant contribution to childhood studies.
Reproduction of the original: The Nursery "Alice" by Lewis Carroll
Reproduction of the original: Alice ́s Adventures under Ground by Lewis Carroll
A record of literary properties sold at auction in the United States.

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