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Leiths Techniques Bible is the ultimate cooking reference book. Here you will find all the information taught during the year-long diploma course at Leiths School of Food and Wine. Learn how to prepare meat and fish, make perfect pastry and bread, as well as equip a kitchen. Understand what makes recipes work and what has happened when they haven't. With answers to every cooking question from how to make perfect mashed potatoes to making a spun sugar cage, this is an indispensable book for everyone from the novice cook to the experienced chef.
Each leatherette handbook with full-color illustrations provides advice on buying and storing a particular type of food and offers cooking techniques and tasty recipes, all designed to be eco-friendly, in a series of culinary references that focuses on sustainable food.
Part of The Leiths cookery series, this title covers various aspects of baking from bread, patisserie and pastry to cakes, scones, buns, and biscuits. It includes recipes such as - Profiteroles, Quiche Lorraine, Swiss Roll, and Brioche - and also several alternatives - Artichoke and Green Olive Tart, Walnut Bread, and Almond Shortbread.
Most pre-prepared food cannot be eaten by food allergy sufferers so preparing meals can become a time-consuming struggle, especially for people without specialist cooking skills and knowledge of ingredients. How to Cook for Food Allergies explains why allergenic ingredients such as wheat, eggs and dairy products are so ubiquitous and how they are used, to help readers understand when and how to use substitute ingredients. This book will inspire readers to cook and eat a wider variety of foods than they ever thought possible. 'With more than 100 recipes, including sauces, pastry, bread, cakes, main courses and desserts, as well as food for babies and children, this practical yet stylish cookbook will become a trusted source of advice and inspiration.' The Telegraph
Leiths Meat Bible is the ultimate meat cookbook. Packed with recipes from all over the world, it has something for every occasion, from a simple after-work supper to an elegant dinner. As with every book from the Leiths series, all recipes are foolproof with an emphasis on proper technique. The first part of the book guides you through the basic techniques for choosing, preparing, cooking and carving meat, including an illustrated guide to the different cuts of meat (and how to tell if a piece of meat is fresh and good-quality), advice on how to handle and store raw meat, and easy-to-follow instructions on every kind of cooking method you will need. Following this are chapters on each type of meat, including delicious recipes ranging from the classics, such as Beef stew, Shepherd's pie, Slow-roast pork belly and Toad-in-the hole, to more adventurous dishes, such as Sticky chicken goujons with caramelised lemons, Duck breasts with blackberry and apple sauce and Thai basil pork. There are also tempting and inventive ideas for cooking with cheaper cuts of meat. This huge book includes full colour photographs, illustrated techniques tips, wine recommendations for every recipe, troubleshooting guides, a glossary of cooking terms, and much more. Utterly comprehensive, reliable and easy to use, this is an essential book for every kitchen.
This is a comprehensive and authoritative cookbook. With its easy to use recipes and stress on correct cooking, it has the definitive recipe for almost anything you may want to cook: from the perfect roast to the fool-proof curry.
More than 700 foolproof, easy-to-follow, and delicious recipes are packed into this massive reference that is perfect for novice chefs or anyone with limited cooking time. Every type of food is covered, from starters such as soups and tarts to sandwiches, salads, main courses, desserts, and drinks. All recipes come with complete with “prepare ahead” instructions for prepping meals in advance, making it easy to rustle up quick after-work suppers or to whip up meals for friends and family. A special section on substituting ingredients allows cooks to adapt recipes to their own pantries and tastes, and many recipes contain tasty suggested variations. Packed with conversion tables, a glossary of terms, fully illustrated instructions on techniques such as whipping cream and cutting a mango, a guide to wines and cheeses, and a table covering seasonable fruits and vegetables, this is ultimate guide to making scrumptious and fun meals in a snap.

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