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Victor HugoÕs classic tale of crime and justice comes to life in this graphic retelling for kids. Escaped convict Jean Valjean vows to change his ways and becomes a kind and respected man. But with the merciless Inspector Javert hunting him down, can Jean Valjean ever truly escape his past, protect those he loves, and find redemption? With extra background on the original novel and its author, plus discussion questions and writing prompts, itÕs easy to introduce young readers to this literary classic.
Les Mis?rables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo, set between 1815 and the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris. Victor Hugo takes readers deep into the Parisian underworld, following the lives and interactions of several characters: ex-convict Jean Valjean, the grisette Fantine and her daughter Cosette, the inspector Javert, the rogue Th?nardier and his family, the revolutionist Enjolras, and the student Marius. The novel elaborates upon the history of modern France, justice, religion, and the nature of romantic and familial love. In Volume II, Valjean and Cosette tries to live a normal life in Paris, but fate continues to conspire against Valjean when he is recognised and confronted by the rogue Th?nardiers. The city simmers with revolution, and the impressionable student Marius joins the charismatic Enjolras in organising an uprising. At the same time, he has also fallen in love with Cosette, but the lovers face being torn apart…
Set in Paris, the story follows individuals through from 1815 to the June Rebellion in 1832. The characters captured the hearts of people across the world, leading to the novel being turned into a musical and a movie.
A thrilling tale of narrow escapes, romance in the midst of a revolution, and heroism at Waterloo, this classic forms a parable of a morally empty state that values retribution rather than justice.

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