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A young boy uses color to express a range of emotions as his mother undergoes cancer treatment, and discovers it is okay to feel scared, angry, and sad. On board pages.
Serendipity: Moments in time and place — A diverse blend of storytellers from around the world share their experiences with the mystery, magic, and power of serendipity.
Emma thought Eric was her soul mate. The power between them was undeniable—they could sense each other's presence and feel each other's emotions even when they were miles apart. Yet, from the very beginning, something in the pit of Emma's soul told her they weren't meant to be together. A vicious attack at a local park leaves Emma near death and changes her life forever. The emotional turmoil sends both Emma and Eric into a downward spiral that tears their lives apart. At a time when their love is the strongest, they separate for good, with the undying hope that their love will bring them back to each other—but life has different plans. After years of healing and longing for Eric, Emma gives up on their love when she meets Jared, a gorgeous student at her community college. The love she and Jared share blossoms quickly and remains strong until Emma's father confesses to a horrible secret when he suddenly collapses from a heart attack in Emma's arms. Will Emma's past come back to haunt her? Will she learn to confide in Jared while clinging to the memory of Eric? Can a person be lucky enough to find true love twice in a lifetime? And when all is said and done, who will be there for Emma in her greatest time of need? "Clover Doves is a must-read, and I will continue to tell my friends and family about it. It gave me so many things to think about and made me rethink some things that I believe." —Eric Bohacek, Arizona Paranormal Activity Team
Sleepovers are perfect for sharing fun, and this coloring book lets kids share every illustration! Thirty images appear side by side with exact duplicates, allowing two children to savor all the slumber party activities. Perforated pages.
I have heard before that you begin aging the minute you are born. Pretty depressing don't you think? Aging definitely has its mysteries but it also has a lot of fun surprises-little unexpected twists and turns-that happen when you least expect them and that is what makes this journey we call "Life" so interesting. There hopefully are a lot of years between birth and the end of life, so my dear friends, I ask that you Enjoy the Journey. Enjoy my journey as I share the wisdom and sense of humor I have been forced to develop in spite of Mother Nature's attempt to try my patience every chance she gets. You will find that we women around the world are all sisters on this trip. Aging is inevitable, so why not make the best of it? In my particular journey, there are so many things my mother didn't tell me! As a result, growing older has at times been an agonizing challenge so I am sharing some common sense secrets to make your journey more fun. I have injected humor throughout. After all, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can and still get away with it?
"Come join me as I take you back to Charleston, South Carolina, to my father's forge in the early 1800's. Sit with me on the woodpile as he tells a tale of faith, hope, or love." In this extraordinary collection, Charlotte Jefferies and her father Price, a former slave, introduce us to twelve best loved Bible tales, from Genesis to Daniel, and reveal their significance in the lives of African Americans--and indeed of all oppressed peoples. When Charlotte wants to understand the cruel injustices of her time, she turns to her father. Does the powerful slaveholder, Mr. Sam Riley, who seems to own all that surrounds them, also own the sun and moon? she wonders. Price's answer is to tell the story of Creation. How can God allow an evil like slavery to exist? she asks. Price responds by telling the story of the Hebrews' Exodus -- and shows Charlotte that someday their people, too, will be free. With exquisite clarity, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack and James Ransome -- a Newbery Honor winner and all Coretta Scott King Award winners -- brilliantly illuminate the parallels between the stories of the Jews and African-American history. Let My People Go is a triumphant celebration of both the human spirit and the enduring power of story as a source of strength. Our hope is that this book will be like a lighthouse that can guide young readers through good times and bad....The ideas that these ancient stories hold are not for one people, at one time, in one place. They are for all of us, for all times, everywhere. --from the Authors' Note to Let My People Go
The daughter of a free black man who worked as a blacksmith in Charleston, South Carolina, in the early 1800s recalls the stories from the Bible that her father shared with her, relating them to the experiences of African Americans.

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