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A colorful array of energy emanates from all beings. Pamala Oslie offers a guide to these aura colors and how they correspond to four main personality types. She also describes 12 combination colors and includes a test to determine one's own aura color. With celebrity examples and ways to cultivate new aura colors, this insightful guide can lead to greater self-understanding.
Life Colors is a curriculum designed for early childhood education that enriches the development and grooming of young children as they enter into the world. The world is enriching and full of colors of the rainbow spectrum, and how do we, as caregivers, enrich and give our children the chance to blossom into the fullest potential of their embodying character to face the demands of the world they will interact and engage with? A creative, interactive, and self-expressionist curriculum is what Life Colors provides as a platform for the child to explore and learn and develop their own unique individuality. We embrace their being and their uniqueness and individuality as strengths and promote positive behaviors whilst managing maladaptive or disruptive coping by identifying the stressful stimuli that they are reactive towards. Working with parents on a confidential trust, we will manage the stressors and deal with them appropriately so that the child can grow confidently in a wholesome environment. Challenging behaviors can be understood. At Life Colors, we embrace children to recognize their thoughts and feelings, then empowering them to engage in appropriate positive responses to stimuli in their environment. Life Colors adopts behavior modification through an eclectic approach of all the major theories in psychology. Happy adventuring! —JoLC
Sea turtles, coral reef–dwelling fish, dolphins, and other marine creatures populate these full-page pictures. Lightly printed numbers corresponding to a key offer simple guides to perfect shading and realistic effects.
What are life colors and how do they affect one's life? Understanding Your Life Through Color presents the concept that by understanding and learning to use the power of color the reader can improve quality of life and relationships as well as come to understand more about basic habits and why we have them.
Living Colors speaks to the heart, from the heart. It is an honest and raw glimpse at the reality of our world, relationships, and internal emotions. Living Colors is a breath of fresh air to anyone who is on a constant, evolving course of self-discovery. It shines light on the beauty that God creates from pain. By exploring the spectrum of life's most passionate emotions, Living Colors takes readers on a spiritually poetic journey through love, despair, self-realization, and growth. Readers will smile, think deeply, and even laugh. Each unique soul can connect with an emotion revealed within the pages.

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