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From the Booker Prize winner and national bestselling author, reflections on gardening, art, literature, and life Penelope Lively takes up her key themes of time and memory, and her lifelong passions for art, literature, and gardening in this philosophical and poetic memoir. From the courtyards of her childhood home in Cairo to a family cottage in Somerset, to her own gardens in Oxford and London, Lively conducts an expert tour, taking us from Eden to Sissinghurst and into her own backyard, traversing the lives of writers like Virginia Woolf and Philip Larkin while imparting her own sly and spare wisdom. "Her body of work proves that certain themes never go out of fashion," writes the New York Times Book Review, as true of this beautiful volume as of the rest of the Lively canon. Now in her eighty-fourth year, Lively muses, "To garden is to elide past, present, and future; it is a defiance of time."
This is a story of courage, unconditional love and redemption. It's the saga of Yellow Kitty and the residents of The Garden. The little animals we all see scurrying here and there in our own back yards and never really pay attention to or get to know. It's their story, their life in The Garden. It's a true story with some slight poetic license taken to enrich the tale. But mostly, it's true and real. It's not a sad story, I promise, but it will touch your heart. It's really an uplifting story with truths told and lessons learned which will leave you, I hope, with some sense of inner knowing of oneself and The Garden in which you live. Some say it's just a children's story, but other's say it's more than that. It's not meant to be one or the other. It just is what it is.
"Written for groups and individuals for Lent 2020. The eight studies survey the place of the garden and gardening in Scripture. The studies come out of many years of experience in the garden and of life on the land. They offer a practical theology of the garden for our times"--Publisher's website.
Describes the various kinds of microbes found in a healthy garden, whether helpful or harmful.
Gardeners can play a significant role in helping to sustain native plant diversity and providing refuge for threatened species of insects and sanctuary for birds, amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals.
This is the third book we have written together, though separately we have written others . . . But to say ‘written separately' makes no sense, for when two lives have been bent for so many years on one central enterprise—in this case, gardening—there really is no such thing as separately." With these words, the renowned garden designers Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd begin their entertaining, fascinating, and unexpectedly moving book about the life and garden they share. The book contains much sound information about the cultivation of plants and their value in the landscape, and invaluable advice about Eck and Winterrowd's area of expertise: garden design. There are chapters about the various parts of their garden, and sections about particular plants—roses and lilacs, snowdrops and cyclamen—and vegetables. The authors also discuss the development of their garden over time, and the dark issue that weighs more and more on their minds: its eventual decline and demise. Our Life in Gardens is a deeply satisfying perspective on gardening, and on life.

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