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This significantly expanded fourth edition is designed as an introduction to the theory and applications of linear PDEs. The authors provide fundamental concepts, underlying principles, a wide range of applications, and various methods of solutions to PDEs. In addition to essential standard material on the subject, the book contains new material that is not usually covered in similar texts and reference books. It also contains a large number of worked examples and exercises dealing with problems in fluid mechanics, gas dynamics, optics, plasma physics, elasticity, biology, and chemistry; solutions are provided.
Following in the footsteps of the authors' bestselling Handbook of Integral Equations and Handbook of Exact Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations, this handbook presents brief formulations and exact solutions for more than 2,200 equations and problems in science and engineering. Parabolic, hyperbolic, and elliptic equations with
This large mathematical reference for scientists and engineers now contains over 3,200 linear partial differential equations and linear physics equations with solutions as well as exact asymptotic, approximate analytical, numeric, symbolic and qualitative methods for solving and analyzing linear equations. In addition, first, second, third, fourth and higher order linear partial differential equations are considered. A number of new linear equations, exact solutions transformations and methods are described along with applications from heat and mass transfer, aerodynamics, elasticity, acoustics, electrostatics, and many other fields.
This expanded and revised second edition is a comprehensive and systematic treatment of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations and their varied applications. Building upon the successful material of the first book, this edition contains updated modern examples and applications from diverse fields. Methods and properties of solutions, along with their physical significance, help make the book more useful for a diverse readership. The book is an exceptionally complete text/reference for graduates, researchers, and professionals in mathematics, physics, and engineering.
Partial differential equations form an essential part of the core mathematics syllabus for undergraduate scientists and engineers. The origins and applications of such equations occur in a variety of different fields, ranging from fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, heat conduction and diffusion, to quantum mechanics, wave propagation and general relativity.This volume introduces the important methods used in the solution of partial differential equations. Written primarily for second-year and final-year students taking physics and engineering courses, it will also be of value to mathematicians studying mathematical methods as part of their course. The text, which assumes only that the reader has followed a good basic first-year ancillary mathematics course, is self-contained and is an unabridged republication of the third edition published by Longman in 1985.
This book is a revised version of the author's lecture notes in a graduate course of applied mathematics. It is based on the idea that it may be more interesting to learn mathematics through the introduction of concrete examples. The materials are organised in a logical order that transmits the package of mathematical knowledge and methods to the students in an efficient manner.

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