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Explains to people of all ages but especially children, the little gestures and acts that catholics are still doing.
Among the many wondrous ways of a woman is the inborn desire to make a difference in the world. For as long as she can remember there has been a deep longing to nurture, comfort, help, teach, and bless those around her. A woman's dreams can be as magnificent as training a child, as lofty as launching a corporation, as gentle as wrapping her arms around someone in need, or as innovative as a little girl opening a lemonade stand to raise money for charity. In Treasures for Women Who Make a Difference, best-selling author Alice Gray helps women celebrate the joy in touching someone else's life with help and hope. At the same time it is a guide for those still looking for their path of purpose.
After stopping the power-hungry CO of Global Solutions from burning the world, Grace McKenna turns her attention to Hammel Mental Institute, the asylum where Benedict was locked up without reason, determined to close the place down. Her investigation uncovers mysterious donations, vanishing patients and a hidden laboratory beneath the building. Still coming to terms with her abilities, Grace faces the possibility that the mutation was manufactured. But who by and, more importantly, what for?
Villains of All Nations explores the 'Golden Age' of Atlantic piracy (1716-1726) and the infamous generation whose images underlie our modern, romanticized view of pirates. Rediker introduces us to the dreaded black flag, the Jolly Roger; swashbuckling figures such as Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard; and the unnamed, unlimbed pirate who was likely Robert Louis Stevenson's model for Long John Silver in Treasure Island. This history shows from the bottom up how sailors emerged from deadly working conditions on merchant and naval ships, turned pirate, and created a starkly different reality aboard their own ships, electing their officers, dividing their booty equitably, and maintaining a multinational social order. The real lives of this motley crew-which included cross-dressing women, people of color, and the'outcasts of all nations'-are far more compelling than contemporary myth.
FODDER TO CHEW ON, Book Two, offers a bold, factual look at some controversial and seldom discussed Bible topics. Some are: Was the woman at the well a prostitute no man could satisfy? (Some say so.) Was God a good God when He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and their inhabitants? All who belong to Jesus Christ, regardless of ethnic group or national origin, spiritually are One Big Jewish Family. God is a God of unconditional love and a God of Judgment. Everyone without exception shall stand before The Judgment Seat of Christ. Are you prepared? Beware the devil. He is real. Are you being squeezed between a rock and a hard place because God is trying to get your attention? FODDER TO CHEW ON, Book Two, includes a liberal use of Scripture so you can read the facts for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be duped by the devil. Our souls are too precious and our choice of an eternal home is too final for us to be guided by misinformation. Regardless of the eternal home you choose – heaven with Jesus Christ or hell with satan - and it is your choice - you need to know what the Bible says so you can make an enlightened decision. Postponing a decision for Jesus Christ is a decision for satan. You will live with your choice literally forever and that is a long, long time.
For those who are new to drama or have experience, The Acts of Grace is a powerful tool for any drama ministry that desires growth spiritually, artistically, and relationally. A dozen thought provoking dramas, inspired by the Word of God, to communicate God's message in a manner that is identifiable to people's lives. Through the use of these dramas, you bring the audience into the situations portrayed by the drama team, and allow the Holy Spirit's guidance through the message of both the drama and the pastor to help answer the tough questions of life.

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