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This raunchy little collection of smutty jokes serves up obscene amounts of fodder for every tasteless occasion. No one escapes its gritty pages, from doctors and ministers to donkeys and octogenarians. Warning: Mature (actually immature) Content.
This raunchy little collection of smutty jokes serves up obscene amounts of fodder for every tasteless occasion. No one escapes its gritty pages - from doctors and ministers to donkeys and octogenarians. Large enough to contain hundreds of jokes, but small enough to easily be hidden from the kids! 144 pages; 4-1/4 wide x 5-3/4 high; concealed wire-o binding; book lies flat for ease of use; elastic band place holder.
There are no dirty jokes or porno in this book, but most are very risqu� and very funny. We poke fun at everything and everyone, no exceptions. Black, white, boy, girl, other, Democrat or Republican, we don't care they are going to get it.
In this celebration of the bitch within, retro women bust down the walls without breaking a nail or mussing their hair. Nancy Rider Hunt, whose cards and magnets are sold nationwide, illustrated Bitch? Moi? With campy photo collages.If you find yourself wondering if he's worth shaving your legs for, if your inner diva just wants to get down and dirty once in a while, if you prefer your men tranquilized and tagged, make this book your manifesto and join the audacious sisterhood of women who know what they want and how to get it. Serve up some attitude with a twist as you tell the world: "It's Ms. Bitch to you!" Illustrated with photos or winsome artwork, Keepsakes are books to treasure and share. 72 pp, hardcover. 6 1/4" square.
Besides being man's best friends, our canine companions turn out to be some of the world's best comedians, from puppy antics that convulse us into giggles, to the pranks of older furry friends that keep us chortling at life's follies. Here is a compact treasury of canine humor that simply takes the biscuit. Packed with dog jokes, dog riddles (''What has four legs and one arm? A happy pit bull''), quips and quotes (''Never moon a werewolf''),''dogma,'' doggerel, and much more, such as dog license errors (''Alaskan Malibu,'' ''Borderline Collie''), it's guaranteed to have you howling with laughter. Note: Some ''mature'' (actually immature) content.
Like Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, Isak Dinesen and Angela Carter, A. S. Byatt knows that fairy tales are for grownups. And in this ravishing collection she breathes new life into the form. Little Black Book of Stories offers shivers along with magical thrills. Leaves rustle underfoot in a dark wood: two middle-aged women, childhood friends reunited by chance, venture into a dark forest where once, many years before, they saw–or thought they saw–something unspeakable. Another woman, recently bereaved, finds herself slowly but surely turning into stone. A coolly rational ob-gyn has his world pushed off-axis by a waiflike art student with her own ideas about the uses of the body. Spellbinding, witty, lovely, terrifying, the Little Black Book of Stories is Byatt at the height of her craft.
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