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One sunny day, Mother Duck decides to take her ducklings swimming. Little Duck is worried - he thinks he can't swim! But, he soon discovers that he CAN swim, and that swimming is actually lots of fun as he splishes and splashes on his favorite pond. With softly padded pages to squeeze and hold, this is a wonderful waterproof book to stimulate play, help young children feel confident in the water, and most of all, make every bathtime fun!
This book describes a forgotten dripping little faucet in the woods and the friends the little faucet meets. As you read the book, sound out the sounds each woodland creature makes and the "Drip Drop" sounds of the little faucet to immerse the listener in the world of the little faucet. The funnier you make the sounds, the funnier the book will be.
Splish-Splash Bible Bash is a children's ministry program for mixed ages that sends kids off to surf watery Bible stories and learn some important truths. Each lessson opens with a gathering time for prayer and music, followed by a lively, humorous puppet presentation. Then kids splash into the Bible with interactive stories that put them right on the scene. A choice of application activities makes usre that kids see how Bible truths relate to their lives. Preschoolers can join in the fun with elementary age kids, or they can enjoy activities specially planned for the little ones.
Children like getting messy, so do animals too. This is an endearing colourful tale of animal friendship, no matter how messy they get, but please children do not paint a real pet!
The lovable gang from "Clip-Clop" and "Jingle-Jingle" is back--and this time, they're taking it to the high seas. But the ocean's looking choppy, and the waves are getting bigger . . . will the farmyard friends stay dry, or will they tumble out of their little boat?
Ducky Duckling has a rainy day adventure, but when the rain stops he feels sad.
I have always wanted to write a book ever since I can remember but one day I was listening to a programme on Radio 5, which I don't normally listen to, Sir Terry Pratchett the famous author was on there saying how everyone has something in them but if they can't write it down or if they can't type, try and get it down somehow After a while, a couple of days after listening to the programme I was asked to go and clear up something at work and funnily enough there were two dictaphones. I thought this was a bit spooky so I decided to use one of the dictaphones and start my book. It wasn't easy, it was difficult at first to talk into a tape recorder and put down your feelings and thoughts on there. This book was done purely through my imagination, the characters are purely my thoughts and I see how everything was when I was a kid at school, how we were brought up and how the school is broken down into different elements at school, where you have some friends there, some friends there, not so many friends there, no friends there and you went around in a group all your life. This book is about Bong, how he meets his friends, how he falls out with friends and how he has some great friends and they always will be, this is what the book is all about, friends. The biggest thing about the book is honour and respect to your friends and family. The characters in the book are also caricatures of themselves which is self-explanatory.

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