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The fourth in the bestselling series of psychological thrillers featuring Carson Ryder, the detective with a unique perspective on serial killers.
Little Girls Lost is the tale of two young girls torn away from their safe, loving home by the jealousy and greed of others. The girls find themselves lost in a dark forest all alone with no idea which way home is. The girls bravely journey through the dark, lonely forest searching for their way home.
The first in Brian McGilloway's thrilling DS Lucy Black series, Little Girl Lost is an addictive crime thriller set in Northern Ireland about corruption, greed and vengeance, and a father's love for his daughter. Midwinter. A child is found wandering in an ancient woodland, her hands covered in blood. But it is not her own. Unwilling – or unable – to speak, the only person she seems to trust is the young officer who rescued her, Detective Sergeant Lucy Black. Soon afterwards, DS Black is baffled to find herself suddenly moved from a high-profile case involving a kidnapping of another girl, a prominent businessman's teenage daughter. At home, Black is struggling with caring for her increasingly unstable father, and trying to avoid conflict with her frosty mother – who also happens to be the Assistant Chief Constable. As she tries to identify the unclaimed child, Black begins to realize that her case and the kidnapping may be linked by events from the grimmest days of the country's recent history – events that also defined her own troubled childhood.
The child star of E.T. describes her own nightmarish descent into alcohol and drug addiction--habits that were encouraged by her unique lifestyle--and her decision to enter therapy at age thirteen.
Little Girl Lost is about a teenager who discovers that she is pregnant. When she tells her boyfriend that she is carrying his child he wants her to get rid of it because he is secretly seeing her best friend who is also pregnant with his child. When her father finds out that she is pregnant he punches her in her stomach, which causes her to miscarry the baby. She can never forgive her father for what he has done.She has to deal with rape, molestation, verbal abuse and physical abuse before she gets up the nerve to run away with her girlfriend. She never realized how much worse that decision could be on her. She is now faced with drugs, alcohol, prostitution, physical abuse, and hunger and homelessness.She later learns that she has acquired HIV. She feels that she has to make it right with her family before her death and take care of her father before he can hurt another person.
Miranda Sugarman was supposed to be in the Midwest, working as an eye doctor. So how did she end up dead on the roof of one of New York City's seediest strip clubs? Ten years earlier, Miranda had been P.I. John Blake's lover. Now he has to uncover her secret life as a strip tease queen. But the deeper he digs, the deadlier the danger... until a shattering face-off in an East Village tenement changes his life forever. Little Girl Lost - is the stunning debut novel from Richard Aleas, a writer whose stories have been selected for the Best Mystery Stories of the Year and The Year's Best Horror Stories. It was nominated for both the Edgar and Shamus Awards for Best First Novel.
Boy, is Mick Campbell infuriating! The police detective is only doing his job, looking into the death of the private investigator my sister had hired to find our presumed-dead mother (it's been a very eventful month!), but does he really believe a member of my family is a killer? I've been planning to spend time with Mick to keep tabs on the investigation, but lately I've been wondering, am I drawn to him because he's a single dad or because his faith is strong under fire?

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