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Four wide-eyed little misses, cute in a creepy way, echo the macabre charm of the Addams Family and the drawings of Edward Gorey. Dress them in charming frocks and send them to play with their saucer-eyed pets.
Having my first child at the age of thirteen, and four by eighteen I never knew me. My identity was birthed from labels, the roles I played, the opinions of others and what I thought of myself based on those opinions. I nurtured and cultivated my children and everyone else in my life, but never myself. It took me years to recognize that I was lost, that I as a woman never nurtured me, never cultivated the essence of the woman. My perception became my reality, and this was the truth I walked in, forever searching but never finding. This is my story of how the Crisis began, the journey to find, the time know, the ability love and accept ARenee. Identity Crisis
Dress two adorable youngsters as the Pied Piper, Aladdin, Sinbad, Prince Charming, Hansel, Gretel, Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. Brief synopsis of fairy tales.
A girl with an impossible life. A lapsed demon hunter. A secret that could destroy them both. Edinburgh student, Rose MacLeod, has been losing time for as long as she can remember. Days and weeks disappear, leaving terrifying gaps in her memory. Now she is seeing horrifying visions; waking nightmares of violence and death. Around the world young women like her are being killed and Rose has a ringside seat. Mal Fergusson was raised to hunt demons in the cities and mountains of Scotland. With his father dead and his brother in a coma, he no longer believes in the grand battle between good and evil. Instead, he scrapes a living as an investigator and occasional hitman for the supernatural Mafia of Edinburgh and tells himself that as long as he doesn’t kill humans, he isn't truly lost. Tensions are rising in Scotland’s capital and Mal must capture Rose to keep his demonic boss sweet – but is he really willing to harm an innocent to do so?
However, there is more to Rose than meets the eye…Can they solve the puzzle of her impossible life before it's too late? The Lost Girls is a dark and twisty supernatural thriller, perfect for fans of Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. 'A thrilling tale that compelled me throughout. A perfect read for all of Sarah's fans old and new, but also for fans of Helen Slavin, Anna McKerrow, Neil Gaiman, Ben Aaronovitch and Laura Laakso.' LisaReadsBooks
Barbara Cash-Cooper has written in-house plays and participated in community plays that focused on supporting youth at risk and helping to support and educate them around self-esteem issues. As a mother of a teenage girl, transitioning into a young adult, she wrote this novel hoping to connect with young men and women who need support dealing with one or more of the issues presented in this novel. Her mission is to assist in the empowerment of young men and women everywhere no matter what they’re cultural background is. Paper Dolls (Cut from my own hands) is her first book. Ms. Cooper is a native of Oakland, California and is a single parent, raising two children; Jameisha and James Jr. She enjoys helping others by sharing her life experiences that relate to those noted in this novel to help others see that you can accomplish anything, one step at a time; when you put your mind to it and not give up. The characters in this novel deal with everyday life issues that most teens and others can relate to.
Includes Part 1, Number 2: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

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