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Lexicon Grammaticorum is a biographical and bibliographical reference work on the history of all the world's traditions of linguistics. Each article consists of a short definition, details of the life, work and influence of the subject and a primary and secondary bibliography. The authors include some of the most renowned linguistic scholars alive today. For the second edition, twenty co-editors were commissioned to propose articles and authors for their areas of expertise. Thus this edition contains some 500 new articles by more than 400 authors from 25 countries in addition to the completely revised 1.500 articles from the first edition. Attention has been paid to making the articles more reader-friendly, in particular by resolving abbreviations in the textual sections. Key features: essential reference book for linguists worldwide 500 new articles over 400 contributors of 25 countries
This book deals with the Romani language. It does not teach the readers to speak the language. Rather, it deals with its origin, its current use and status, its beginning literature and films, and the way it is learned by children and much more. It shows that Romani is a language in its own right, with its own, unique grammatical system, dialects, and particular norms of language use. Pressure from the outside world has diminished the use of the language in some areas, but generally it is a thriving language, spoken by millions of people.

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