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This book introduces the concept of P¢lya property for holomorphic functions of two and several variables. The functions which have the P¢lya property are used to study the uniqueness problem for entire functions. This gives interesting results for a general class of generating functions. The functions with P¢lya property are also used as generating kernels in formal generating relations to study the expansion problem for entire functions. A necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for an entire function to have a unique expansion in a series of various known polynomials generated from the formal generating relations.In this book, it is shown that the uniqueness problem for entire functions of exponential type is equivalent to the approximation problem for analytic functions. This result, in combination with other results, produces many interesting theorems on the approximation of analytic functions. Since functions with P¢lya property have very useful applications, the study of a class of linear operators which preserve the P¢lya property is embarked upon and two sufficient conditions for an operator to be P¢lya-property-preserving are given.
"Certain Chance is a rediscovery of the world that allows us to look at everyday realities - an orange, a city, an ocean, an automobile - as if the poet had placed these things in a kind of still-life painting. We see them from new perspectives that newly enable us to appreciate their color, contour, use, and meaning. Even love is seen from an unusual angle - the poet focuses on the mysterious intricacies and difficulties of intimate dialogue. As he develops these images and themes, Salinas often includes self-conscious reflections on the nature of poetic expression, the battle against the blank page, the rage for order."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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