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A look at the popular diesel-electric locomotives. This book aims to show the three different classes at work and on shed, and also covers the classes into preservation.
Anthony Dawson looks at some of the iconic, trailblazing locomotives that helped shape British railway history.
A fascinating array of photographs illustrating the whole range of Maunsell designs and the various modifications which they underwent.
For nearly half of the nation's history, the steam locomotive was the outstanding symbol for progress and power. It was the literal engine of the Industrial Revolution, and it played an instrumental role in putting the United States on the world stage. While the steam locomotive's basic principle of operation is simple, designers and engineers honed these concepts into 100-mph passenger trains and 600-ton behemoths capable of hauling mile-long freight at incredible speeds. American Steam Locomotives is a thorough and engaging history of the invention that captured public imagination like no other, and the people who brought it to life.
Explores the industrial and minor railways of Scotland. Following on from 'Industrial Locomotives & Railways of North East England', Gordon Edgar uses his excellent collection of photographs to explore these fascinating railways and their locomotives.

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