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Finding the right long-term care often means making difficult decisions during difficult times. Whether you're planning for the future or need to make a quick decision, Long-Term Care helps you understand nursing home costs, the alternatives to nursing facilities, and how to find the best care you can afford. With Long-Term Care, you'll be able to: evaluate long-term care insurance arrange home care explore options beyond nursing homes choose a nursing facility get the most out of Medicare, Medicaid and other benefit programs protect your assets, and recognize and prevent elder fraud. The completely updated edition includes an expanded discussion of Medicaid coverage, special long-term care insurance, assisted living, and long-term care. Plus, you'll get up-to-date benefit numbers, laws and taxes, and revised information on veterans' benefits.
"Finding the right kind of long-term care often requires making difficult decisions during difficult times. Long-Term Care helps you find the best care you can afford."--BOOK JACKET.
A comprehensive guide to the structure, synergy, and challengesin U.S. health care delivery Introduction to Health Care Services: Foundations andChallenges offers new insights into the most important sectorsof the United States' health care industry and the many challengesthe future holds. Designed to provide a comprehensive andup-to-date understanding of the system, this textbook covers themany facets of health care delivery and details the interaction ofhealth, environments, organizations, populations, and the healthprofessions. Written by authors with decades of experience teachingand working in health care administration and management, the bookexamines the current state and changing face of health caredelivery in the United States. Each chapter includes learningobjectives and discussion questions that help guide and engagedeeper consideration of the issues at hand, providing acomprehensive approach for students. Cases studies demonstratinginnovations in the delivery of health care services are alsopresented. Health care administration requires a thorough understanding ofthe multiple systems that define and shape the delivery of healthcare in the United States. At the same time, it is important forstudents to gain an appreciation of the dilemma confronting policymakers, providers, and patients in the struggle to balance cost,quality, and access. Introduction to Health Care Services:Foundations and Challenges is an in-depth examination of themajor health care issues and policy changes that have had an impacton the U.S. health care delivery system. Includes information on U.S. health care delivery, from care tocost, and the forces of change Focuses on major industry players, including providers,insurers, and facilities Highlights challenges facing health care delivery in thefuture, including physician shortages, quality care, and thechronic disease epidemic The U.S. health care system is undergoing major reform, and theeffects will ripple across every sector of the industry.Introduction to Health Care Services: Foundations andChallenges gives students a complete introduction tounderstanding the issues and ramifications.
Expert advice on planning for your own or a relative’sfuture care needs As we live longer and healthier lives, planning for the longterm has never been more important. Planning gives you morecontrol, but it’s not easy to find accurate information andanswers to your questions. That’s where AARP’sPlanning For Long-Term Care For Dummies comes in. This comprehensive guide gives you questions to ask yourself andothers about how best to achieve your goals, whether you haveimmediate needs or can take some time to sort out thepossibilities. The book Covers home modifications so that you can stay at home safelyfor as long as you like Lays out the opportunities and costs associated withindependent living, assisted living, and other options Gives you a range of driving and transportationalternatives Sorts out the various sources of care at home Helps you navigate the healthcare system Reviews the legal documents you should prepare and update Helps you determine whether you need long-term careinsurance Offers checklists and other resources to help you makedecisions Gives you guidance on how to talk to your family aboutsensitive issues If you're looking for trusted information on how to prepare forthe future care needs for yourself or a relative, this sensitive,realistic, and authoritative guide will start you on the rightroad.

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