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A fascinating flap book packed with interesting information about how lots of things work. Discover the inner workings of cars and boats, farm and building site machines, everyday household items including vacuum cleaners, computers and fridges, and much more. Each of the seven double page spreads has several flaps to lift, to see inside a subject and understand how it works. Clear, easy to follow text introduces young readers to subjects such as electricity, simple machines and natural forces. Each topic is brought to life by fun, lively illustrations by Stefano Tognetti.
Explore the world of the very simple-and yet surprising-everyday objects we take for granted! How Cool Is This? is a fun-packed compendium of inventions and gizmos ranging from the great and the good to the obscure and offbeat. Touching on a very wide range of key curriculum science topics, each spread features a single brilliant invention, using a colorful graphic approach to explain in an intuitive, visual style how the object works. Simple and engaging text reveals the secret science behind the invention and tells the amazing stories of the inventions that changed the world forever. How Cool Is This? will appeal not only to scientific minds but also to children with a sense of wonder or curiosity about the world around them.
The How Things Work Encyclopedia takes a look at the technology all around us-and then explains how it works. In each themed section of the encyclopedia, inventions are unpacked to show how and why they work the way they do. Readers can lift the hood of a car engine, get inside a TV set, and discover the power of invisible microwaves. Photographs of the inventions and discoveries, with close-ups, cutaways, and diagrams, bring the technology to life so children can really see and understand what's going on inside.
Mechanically minded coloring book features more than 20 cutaway illustrations exposing inner workings of a truck, rocket, snowmobile, submarine, backhoe, and other machines. Brief captions identify individual components and explain their functions.
Designed to help children learn their first Spanish words by matching words on the pages with those on the picture stickers. Includes word list with pronunciation guide and English translation.
Travel back in time and into the not-so-distant future to dissect, explore, and discover how all kinds of things do what they do! Along the way, you'll learn why cotton candy is so fluffy, how scientists built a space suit for Mars, and what goes into animating your favorite cartoons. Look inside, take it apart, turn it over, and figure out how things work! Quippy descriptions, full-color diagrams, and brilliant photographs make even the most intimidating subjects completely accessible--and totally fun! (We're looking at you, space robots.) For every explanation, we touch on basic principles and then dive deeper. Just want to know what terraforming is? We've got you covered. Want to know how to terraform, say, Mars? We'll explain that, too. But this book isn't just for explaining things. We'll also introduce you to the dreamers, scientists, and innovators who create this amazing stuff. You'll meet a NASA engineer, an underwater archaeologist, and a chocolate scientist. You'll learn what it's like to fly a plane into the eye of a hurricane--on purpose. Following on the success of National Geographic's How Things Work and How Things Work: Inside Out, How Things Work: Then and Now tackles a whole new batch of extraordinary and everyday things--from man-made to natural, historic to futuristic.
For all those who are curious about how the everyday machines around them work, this eminently browsable, lavishly illustrated guide provides the answers. 300 full-color photos. 100 diagrams.

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