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Emmie thought she had it all when she left home. Rich boyfriend, penthouse apartment in the big apple, and all the makings of a fairy tale happy ending. That is, until her prince Charming pops the question and she runs out on him. Homeless and unemployed, she must ask for help from the only person she knows in New York. Jackson might be a quintessential bachelor, but he also might be exactly what she needs to find Love after Fifth Avenue.
Happy endings aren't always the end. Emmie Duncan believed in lots of things: fairy tales, destiny, knights in shining armor. She dreamed of a successful life in the big city and finding true love was all a part of the plan. Charlie Cooper was a modern day Prince Charming with a penthouse castle and a knack for sweeping girls off of their feet. But Emmie was about to find out that life isn't as easy as riding off into the sunset with the first handsome man you meet. And when she meets Jackson, an artist from SoHo who has nothing to offer her but his love, she must decide if love is worth giving up her dream of Fifth Avenue, or if fairy tales really do come true.
As far as fairy tales go, life hasn't exactly lived up to the glamorous dreams Emmie had for herself. After a break-up that won't seem to end, business schemes that just don't pan out and trying to find time to fall in love with the man of her dreams, she is ready to call it quits. She doesn't know if she is cracked up for the crazy life of a city girl. Is it worth all the hassle? Is love worth the fight? And when a man from her former life shows up unexpectedly, will she give it all up and run back home, or will she fight for the happy ending she has always dreamed of?
After years of searching for her prince, Emmie Duncan believes she has finally found her dream come true in Jackson Thomas. He is smart, funny, devilishly handsome, and for some reason, he seems to like her too. But when a family emergency throws her back together with her ex Charlie, her feelings get all mixed up and she must once again choose between her Fifth Avenue heartbreaker and her SoHo sweetheart. Will she give in to temptation and ruin her chances at a happily ever after with Jackson?
Collected with a dozen wonderful stories, all set in classic Updike territory, the short novel 'RABBIT REMEMBERED' is a major work in its own right - a riveting return to Updike's most celebrated fictional world. Janice and Nelson Angstrom, plus several other survivors of the irreducible Rabbit, fitfully entertain his memory while pursuing their own happiness over the edge of the millennium, as a number of old strands come together in entirely unexpected ways.
A short story told like a stand-up comedy act, all true. How a little Jewish woman from Queens experiences life. From the eyes of a childlike adult. Her artistic designing style merges with her scientific/medical profession. Told in a storylike fashion to a friend, the reader. A spiritual love story of how an adventurous soul can overcome challenges and emerge grateful to live and tell her tale of Bliss.
Welcome to Fifth Avenue, where three successful, virile and determined bachelors are about to meet their match! AVENGE ME by Maisey Yates Beneath his exquisite handmade suits, Austin Treffen doesn't even pretend to be civilised. And within moments, Katy Michaels realises that the enigmatic Austin knows exactly what she needs. So Katy decides to throw caution—and her virginity—to the wind. But one incredible night lifts the lid on a shocking sensuality that Katy had only ever dreamed of… SCANDALIZE ME by Caitlin Crews Zoe Brook has been sent to clean up a bad boy's reputation. But Hunter Grant, sports hero and renowned womaniser is so much…more than she ever expected. Zoe won't be another notch on his bedpost, but Hunter's skilled seduction leaves her with only three words… Yes. Oh, yes. EXPOSE ME by Kate Hewitt Television journalist Chelsea Maxwell has no problem concealing her dark past from her millions of viewers. So why does one man's gaze make her feel naked and powerless? Global media mogul Alex Diaz is known for shedding a woman's clothes in seconds. He wants something from Chelsea, and it's not just access to her exclusive TV interview! And if that wasn't enough, included in this amazing box set is the bonus novella, TAKE ME by Maisey Yates, revealing a glimpse at the night that started it all!

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