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An anthology of thirty tales of romantic suspense includes contributions from Lee Child, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham, Andrea Kane, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Carla Neggers, and William Simon.
By day, Robin Moulton works in healthcare and teaches dance; by night she takes refuge in the darkness of the densely wooded area of her home in upstate New York, where she pens the imagination and passion that runs through her viens. Nothing is ordinary in Robin's life, from her beloved feral cat who in part inspires her tales of another world; to her imagination that comes from deep within her. Come with me to places that will haunt you, captivate you and give you an escape from the real world for years to come.
Tommy and Val are adventurers who love to dive. They board the sailing ship Erehwon, ready for a trip filled with excitement and maybe a little danger on the high seas. Of course, there's more to their trip than sightseeing. They are in love, but Val questions how real Tommy's feelings are. Is his love for a season or for life? She hopes the trip will decide where they stand. The Erehwon sets sail under the cover of an ominous fog, and Val prepares to spend time alone with Tommy without the distraction of friends, family and academics. When a fellow shipmate goes missing, though, Tommy and Val's romantic urges are put on hold. The passengers and crew search for the lost traveler but find not a trace. The captain presses on, despite the macabre mood that has settled like a cloud over his ship. Soon, another passenger vanishes, but that's not the worst of it. Something on the Erehwon is hungry for blood. Tommy and Val's love conundrum is the least of their worries as they find themselves trapped on a ship that wants them dead-a ship that might never make it back to port.
Morgan Tyler is the head writer of the soap opera Love of My Life. Her imagination is always at work, churning out the stuff that fills many a fan’s daytime with drama. Then Damon Radford, the head of daytime programming, is found dead—and it’s revealed that, in spite of their prickly relationship, he left Morgan a fortune. Her life is beginning to look like one of her scripts, especially when the detective assigned to the case falls for her. But as the prime suspect, Morgan can’t just write herself out of this one. Now a real-life killer is after her. And her time, like sand through the hourglass, is running out.
When a young woman’s body is found on the shore of the Niagara River, she has the identical purple marks on her wrists and ankles as two other bodies recently discovered in the same area. With summer just around the corner and tourist season soon at its peak, local police detectives Charles Richmond and Sarah Child know they have to find a ruthless killer before he strikes again. Unfortunately, clues are sparse. Charles decides to put his neck on the line and enlist the help of Grace Bardo, the local fortune teller hoping she can provide some insight into the case. But after another girl is kidnapped and killed a month later, the police are no further in their investigation. Meanwhile, Grace and Charles are embroiled in a passionate and unexpected romance, but everything is about to be turned upside down when Charles’s partner, Sarah, suddenly disappears. Grace knows she has to do something. Against her new boyfriend’s wishes, Grace summons the help of two friends and a few colorful locals as she embarks on a dangerous journey to find a serial killer desperate for the taste of blood.
Nora Mason, a love-thirsty thirty-two year old, is as insecure as she is attractive. Below her poised surface lies a loner who escapes her hometown secrets and lands on the shores of the rugged New England Artists’ Colony of Rocky Neck. Nora is determined to get what she’s never had--a perfect beach cottage, a perfect husband, and a perfect life. But while setting her plan into motion, a dangerous encounter threatens her course. As the summer season kicks off, Nora is entangled in a shocking murder investigation as she struggles to determine who wants to love her...and who wants to eliminate her. Christian is a gorgeous and privileged bad boy to whom Nora is instinctively drawn. Evan, a practical, hard-working restaurant owner, exhibits the goodness she wants but seems to lack. While Remy, a sharp-witted and cocktail-adoring import from San Francisco, shakes Nora’s belief that no woman can be trusted. Since the age of sixteen, Nora has survived on her own. But will she survive her new life? In this suspenseful and passion-filled tale, will Nora’s search finally lead to her dreams...or to her nightmares? Sun, sin, romance and murder . . . one summer on Rocky Neck. -- Author's Website:

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