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After moving to a new community, Bethel Graber is injured in an accident and is forced to give up teaching, as she wonders, despite her attraction to a young farmer, if she also has to give up the idea of ever being able to marry.
In one way or another all people need & seek happiness. Throughout the ages philosophers have attempted to define happiness, to distinguish between wise & unwise ways of pursuing it & to determine what the conditions are that make it possible & enduring. Both empirically & creatively, BENEVOLENT LIVING examines every major aspect of the problem of happiness-the economics, politics, sociology, psychology, esthetics & ethics of the sense of well-being and joy in being alive. This work does not only talk of achieving a comprehensive philosophy of happiness & responsibility but actually develops one that can be represented as solid & of distinct value in the face of sophisticated criticism. The authors uniquely incorporate clever cartoons in their study of mirth, hedonism & morality. They address the most basic, relevant questions about the kind of life we should live in a world that seems bent upon self-destruction. Quoting Eric Hoffer's "We are warned not to waste our time, but we are brought up to waste our lives," they go on to respond to that challenge, establishing ethical principles & attitudes that can create the motivation for widespread benevolent behavior.
Originally printed in German in 1993, this updated and revised version has been translated into English. Lots of new photos and updated data were added to the text as Gerlach traces the beginnings of the Amish movement in Switzerland, their development and contribution to agriculture in Europe, and their spread throughout Europe as well as their eventual decline. A short portion covers the Amish in North America. This is the most comprehensive book on the Amish in Europe.
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Time stands still in Pennsylvania Amish Country where the Fisher family struggles to overcome devastating heartache. Follow three young women who are pivotal to bringing faith, hope, love, and—most importantly—forgiveness back into this Amish family’s lives. The Storekeeper’s Daughter Naomi Fisher’s heart yearns for the love of Caleb Hoffmeir, but her days are plotted for her as surrogate mother to six siblings—until the afternoon her baby brother goes missing from the yard. How can Naomi expect anyone to love and trust her if she couldn’t take care of one small boy? The Quilter’s Daughter Abby Miller leaves her successful quilt shop and patient fiancé in Ohio to help her pregnant mother in Pennsylvania. While she’s away, Abby’s world is shattered in one fell swoop. How can God make anything good come out of such tragedy? The Bishop’s Daughter Leona Weaver’s faith wavers after her father’s tragic accident. When outlander Jimmy Scott comes to Pennsylvania in search of his real family, they find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. . .but can anything good come from the love between an Amish woman and an Englisher? Enjoy a heartfelt look into the lives of an endearing Amish family novels that inspired the made-for-stage musical, Stolen.

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