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Does Lyme disease really exist in Australia? Could this possibly be the missing link in thousands who are suffering with debilitating chronic health problems, where no other cause can be found? Are Australian doctors unaware of recent studies that show that Lyme disease does in fact exist in Australia, and that their sickest patients may have this disease? These are the questions that Naturopathic Physician Nicola McFadzean, ND, will answer for you in this groundbreaking and life-saving book. A native Australian who was trained in medicine in the United States, Dr. Nicola has treated more than 1000 Lyme disease patients on both continents, over 400 in Australia alone. This long-awaited book not only takes you on a journey of discovery through the history, politics, and science of Lyme disease in Australia, it also provides practical guidelines for diagnosing and treating the disease from both a holistic/naturopathic perspective, and an allopathic/pharmaceutical perspective. Find out the truth about Lyme disease in Australia - your life or the life of your loved one may depend on it. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. McFadzean is a Lyme-literate Naturopathic Doctor, trained in both the United States and her native country of Australia. She specializes in combining conventional and integrative approaches to treating Lyme and other tick-borne illness. She is the Founder and Medical Director of RestorMedicine in San Diego, California, and also holds Lyme disease clinics in Australia. Dr. McFadzean is the Medical Advisor to the Lyme Disease Association of Australia.
Acarology: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress is a timely overview of the current international research mites and ticks. The outcome of a conference of leading acarologists, it presents major reviews of all current areas of research including: *advances in acarine biodiversity and systematics *human and livestock diseases transmitted by ticks and other parasitic mites *interactions between mites and their food plants *mites as biological control agents *use of genetic markers in mite population studies *mites as bioindicators *ecology and biology of soil mites *mite evolutionary ecology and reproduction *advances in acarine diversity and systematics The 90 papers in the book represent some of the best research from leading international researchers from over 50 countries, and helps to establish priorities for future research. All papers have been peer reviewed and edited. Acarology is a comprehensive and important addition to the world literature on mites, and is an essential addition to all acarological and entomological reference collections.
Keep your family safe from tick-borne infections With millions around the world infected-and millions more atrisk-Lyme and other tick-related disorders are today'sfastest-growing infectious diseases. And while there has been muchprogress in combating these illnesses, we are a long way fromeliminating them. Early treatment is crucial-and there's no betterway to get informed and be prepared to deal with these diseasesthan to read this book. This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know toprotect yourself and your family from the pain of Lyme, includingvital information about the new Lyme disease vaccines. Written byLyme disease pioneer Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner-cofounder of theLyme Disease Foundation and a Lyme sufferer herself-this updatedand expanded edition provides the latest on the multiple diseasesthat can be transmitted in a single tick bite and the symptoms thatindicate you've been infected. In easy-to-understand language, theauthor discusses the often controversial issues of diagnosis andtreatment of Lyme while reviewing the other tick-borne diseases inNorth America, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tularemia, theemerging ehrlichioses, and some that are considered potentialbiowarfare agents. She offers expert advice on: * Protecting yourself from disease-carrying ticks-and what to do ifyou find one on your skin * Obtaining the best medical treatment * Accessing online information on vaccines, repellents, and thelatest research * Finding self-help and support organizations, state medicalcomplaint boards, products, and related services * Starting a school or business prevention program
Thoroughly revised and up-dated, this comprehensive, authoritative reference will help both the experienced and novice practitioner diagnose skin diseases and disorders more accurately and effectively. A superb full colour art programme illustrates the salient pathological features of both neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions and will help the reader easily interpret key clinical and diagnostic points. This single–authored text incorporates the wealth of Dr Weedon’s own personal observations and experience in his approach to the diagnosis and interpretation of skin biopsies and is full of useful diagnostic clues and pearls. This remarkable book is an indispensable resource for all those involved in the identification and evaluation of skin disorders. Encyclopedic reference work that discusses established disorders, unusual and rare disease entities as well as incompletely defined entities. The book is comprehensive enough to meet the requirements of trainee and practicing dermatopathologists or pathologists when reporting on the histopathology of skin specimens. A single authored text that presents an internationally recognized master diagnostician’s personal philosophy and skill in dealing with the diagnosis of skin biopsies.Provides a uniformity, clarity and internal consistency of approach and style that other books cannot match. Over 1,200 large-sized, high quality illustrations. Will facilitate an accurate diagnosis by accurately reproducing in the book what is seen through the microscope and thereby help identify the characteristic features of the lesion demonstrated. For many of the features listed there will be practical advice on pitfalls and how to avoid them drawn from Dr Weedon’s unrivalled personal experience.Will facilitate the daily practice of dermatopathology and save the practitioner a lot of time and money. Tables and boxes that organize diseases into groups, synthesize diagnostic criteria and list differential diagnoses makes the book user friendly and the information easy-to-access. Remarkably authoritative, comprehensive, current and relevant reference list for each entity. There are over 35,000 references in the text.This degree of inclusivity facilitates the identification of both key articles and more rare and unusual reports. References only available online in this single volume version. New sections on treatment that highlight recent treatment trials and guidelines. Clinical descriptions updated. Brand new illustrations incorporated throughout. 14,000 new references. Latest IHC and molecular techniques set within context of histopathological diagnosis. OMIM (online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) numbers added for all relevant diseases to provide access to continous update on the scientific basis of hereditary disease. Text and images available online via Expert Consult.

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