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Describes the materials, tools, and techniques needed to make forty-five kinds of earrings
Complete step-by-step instructions, patterns, and embroidery notes for creating a basic doll and a wardrobe of 9 charming mid-19th-century costumes that include a tailored riding habit, a lovely afternoon dress for tea, a satin ball gown, a lovely wedding dress, and 5 other outfits. Dollcrafters can paint individual faces to achieve the looks and personality desired, by arching eyebrows, adding spectacles, altering hair colors and styles with yarn, and more.
Making Your Own Accessories and Jewelry by Gitte Blass Have you ever been stuck without the perfect accessory and left feeling like your outfit was incomplete? Wish you could make your own perfect accessories? Making Unique Accessories and Jewelry offers simple designs and easy-to-follow tips for creating and transforming new and used materials into one-of-a-kind fashion. Covering everything from handbags to belts, collars to cuffs, Making Your Own Accessories and Jewelry will help you on your way to designing your own clutch, brooch, or scarf—no expertise necessary.
Have fun and make jewelry that you can wear or give as gifts. This book was written to teach you some basic skills, show you how to use tools to make your jewelry look professional and to help you to have fun making earrings. The levels of difficulty are very easy, easy and intermediate so you can increase your jewelry making skills.There are 12 basic earring designs with alternative suggestions to change the designs to fit your style. The book includes holiday earrings, posts, and hoops and even shows you how to easily make your own earring findings. Wearing earrings is a great way to dress up any outfit and this is a fun and economical way to increase your earring stash.Great beginner book for teens too!
If you want to buy or collect vintage costume jewelry, learn what to look for and where to look. There is something for everyone who is interested in collecting vintage jewelry. Great places to find vintage costume jewelry locally are estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Vintage costume jewelry reflects the trends of the old days, and the designs are more influenced by the type of clothing worn and the material used at the time. With this ebook discover: - Where is the best antique jewelry? - 6 tips for antique jewelry success - Insane But True Things About Antique Jewelry - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!
Choosing your jewelry is no different than choosing your wardrobe. Most important is to stick within your comfort zone and your personal fashion style. That said it never hurts to step out of the box once in awhile. With this ebook discover: - How to solve the biggest problems with vintage jewelry - 3 important facts about vintage jewelry - Best tips for making the most of your jewelry - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!
Features step-by-step projects and full-color examples Create unique jewelry to wear with everything from jeans to a ball gown! Want to make your own jewelry? This easy-to-follow guide gives you lots of hands-on instruction in making simple, fabulous jewelry and working with beads. From wire wrapping and knotting to weaving and polishing, you'll get all the skills you need to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, key chains, wine charms and items for the home. Discover how to * Create funky and elegant designs * Work with leather, silver, and stones * String, knot, and weave beads * Avoid common mistakes * Host a trendy jewelry party
Offers step-by-step directions for making a variety of jewelry pieces from wire using readily available tools and includes tips on becoming comfortable with such techniques as wrapping, coiling, hammering, and looping.
It's quite easy to make your own jewelry when you know how. After finishing this book not only will you be able to create unique and stunning jewelry designs with beads for yourself but for others as well. As you'll discover, to make jewelry with beads, you don't need any specialized skills or knowledge in metal work or power tools. If you really want to see your hobby flourish then learning the basics skills and being enthusiastic is all you need. Plus knowing where to look for tools and supplies that aren't too expensive can help as well. By the time you've finished reading this book, you'll not only know where to buy what you need, but also learn certain techniques for you to produce some amazing pieces of jewelry with beads. Within this book are some techniques that'll only take a matter of minutes to master, whilst others may require you to spend a little more time practicing them to achieve the right kinds of results. From the outset, this book has been designed for those who have never created jewelry with beads before. However by the end you'll be an expert in the tools of the trade, the supplies you need and some basic skills you can advance upon over time. Not only that but I've provided you with some projects you can do to practice you're new found skills on. For anyone who hasn't tried making jewelry with beads before will find this book extremely useful. Although you may begin by deciding to just make items for friends and family. Don't be too surprised when you start getting others asking you to create pieces for them.
Use simple techniques to create silver wire jewellery with sinuous forms and graceful lines. Irene Petersen's book begins with the basics of coil construction and plying wires, leading on to more advanced techniques.
Use chain to make dangle earrings, create a bracelet, or stretch expensive pearls into a multi-strand necklace.
Wearing jewelry is essential to helping women developed their own style. For women wishing to create a look that's unique, the last thing they'll want to invest money in is mass produced pieces of jewelry. It's for this reason alone, learning the skills needed for making beaded jewelry and paracord bracelets could prove extremely beneficial. When it comes to making such pieces you need to know where to purchase the right kinds of supplies. In this book, " Making Jewelry With Beads & Paracord Bracelets : A Complete Step by Step Guide (Special 2 In 1 Edition)" not only do we discuss what's needed to start your own beaded jewelry & paracord making venture but also provide several projects you may want to try out. After finishing this book not only will you be able to create unique and stunning jewelry designs with beads for yourself but for others as well. In addition, the book also explains how the resilient parachute cord can be used to make bracelets and other items that can not only serve as a piece of fashion but also serves as a survival tool of needed. The book goes through the basics, explaining what exactly the Paracord is and then going into exactly how it can be used to make pieces of jewelry. The text is ideal for the consummate hobbyist that is always seeking new and fun things that they can do in their spare time From the outset, this book has been designed for those who have never created jewelry with beads and paracord before. However by the end you'll be an expert in the tools of the trade, the supplies you need and some basic skills you can advance upon over time. For more tips and tricks, download " Making Jewelry With Beads & Paracord Bracelets : A Complete Step by Step Guide (Special 2 In 1 Edition)" now!
Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift"chapter after the conclusion. DIY Jewelry Collection:(FREE Bonus Included)Make Your Own Crochet And Beaded JewelryBook #1DIY Jewelry:Step-By-Step Guide On Creating Wonderful Beaded Jewelry There is no need to worry about your parties because you can design your own jewelry. You can get rid of expensive jewelry that can disturb your budget. It is really cheap to buy beads, wires, stones and other accessories to design your own jewelry from a discounted store. This book is designed for your assistance to help you design your favorite pieces of matching jewelry. Wonderful beaded earrings, necklace, headbands and bracelet will compliment your personality. These are great to improve your health, save money and remove lots of worries from your life. Book #2Crochet Jewelry:15 Different Crochet Patterns to Make Your Own Earrings and Necklaces! There are few things in this world that are more beautiful than handmade items. Those things that you can just make and enjoy, knowing that you are the only one in the world that has those items makes them rare as well as valuable. Nothing can beat that feeling when you get a compliment on what you are wearing and they ask where you got it. You know that you love to show off your capabilities, and when you know you have what it takes to make all of these items yourself, and modify them yourself, you know you have a winner. That is just what this book is going to help you do. Download your E book " DIY Jewelry Collection: Make Your Own Crochet And Beaded Jewelry " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!
Create an entire earring wardrobe—no stylist required Stephanie Wells’s unique, trendsetting Double Happiness earrings have been regularly spotted on Oprah, Alicia Keys, Rachael Ray, and Beyoncé. Here, the award-winning designer shows you how to make 40 of her signature earring styles—without sacrificing time or budget. You’ll learn basic jewelry making skills, as well as Double Happiness techniques for making frames, wrapping wires and beads, and connecting multiple wraps. Whether your style is chic, glamorous, rock-and-roll, or bohemian, you’ll find easy-to-make earrings that will revive—and revolutionize—any outfit. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Add personal style at minimal cost with custom-made findings! Why spend hundreds of dollars stocking up on expensive manufactured clasps, jump rings, ear wires, bails, and more when you can make exactly what you need for a fraction of the cost? Making custom findings enables jewelry makers to affordably create just the right component to complement their own jewelry designs. Handcrafted Wire Findings looks at your wire stash and focuses on how to create custom, professional-quality findings. With fundamental skills for beginners that progress to more sophisticated designs, this book covers techniques such as basic wirework, texturizing, silver fusing, adding patina, and traditional finishes. Included are over 30 projects for making custom wire findings, each accompanied by step-by-step photographs and directions to ensure success.
Explains how to make jewelry using simple techniques.
Jewelry making is one of the most popular craft trends, and its audience continues to grow. Few jewelry books on the market emphasize the importance of the design relationship between beads, wire, and jewelry findingsùthe ônuts and boltsö of any piece. This book will show not only how to design and build your own spectacular jewelry out of beads and wire but how to design and create your own findings as well. Most jewelry making books are geared for the beginner and provide little information for intermediate to advanced jewelry makers. Making Designer Bead and Wire Jewelry contains illustrated how-to techniques, full-color project photos, project instructions, and numerous tips that enhance the styles and skills presented. Intermediate and advanced jewelry makers will learn new techniques for creating signature elements for their designs, while beginners will get a handle on honing their skills.
Learn to make your own custom fitted Ancient Egyptian inspired jewelry! It's easy enough for beginners, with easy to understand drawings, photos, and guidance through the whole process. Instructions are included to make your own necklace, belt, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. You'll walk away with the knowledge to make both small and large necklaces as shown on the cover. By changing up the beads, the sky is the limit with these patterns!
Offers instructions for creating a variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

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