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A new critical translation of Pope John Paul II's talks on the Theology of the Body by the internationally renowned biblical scholar Michael Waldstein. With meticulous scholarship and profound insight, Waldstein presents John Paul II's magnificent vision
A Guide to Classical Torah Commentary on the Roles and Natures of Men and Women. This book focuses on three topics: the equality in worth of men and women and their equal opportunity for spiritual growth through their distinct roles in Jewish life, the derivation and reasons for the exemption of women from positive time-bound commandments, and the similarities and differences in the spiritual natures of men and women.
The Creator chose to not be visible to His creatures, but is He really nowhere to be observed? Where can Creation glimpse its beloved Creator? Humanity has a unique reason for existing: it is in “the Image of God” - Jehovah’s visible reflection for the sake of the universe. What an honor, privilege, and responsibility! God’s reality rides on the shoulders of human beings, and many things He will do only through the hands of mankind. As our two eyes help us see in three dimensions, so also “the man” and “the woman” combined can demonstrate a wonderful depth to God. Just what does it mean to be “God’s Image” and “Soul-likeness” as demonstrated in the genders and their different tasks? The stated purposes for their creation is necessary to guide discussion about the role difference in – which is often neglected. Yet in this combination is how the Creator becomes tangible and real – to oneself, to each other (particularly in marriage), to their children and to the whole cosmos.
Philip is a driven and passionate man with an intellectual mind and a kind heart. He is closely aware of his intuition and its power and truth in the space of his everyday life. He clearly sees and understands the innate worth and the unique and complimentary aspects of the male and female sexes. Philip has a strong Christian faith, and is a keen researcher who seeks out philosophical and scientific sources to develop a greater understanding of our spiritual nature as children of God, created as male and female. He is a true gentleman, which all women I know appreciate and which they say makes them feel respected and valued as a woman. This book further opened my mind and heart to understanding more about my feminine essence and how it connects so beautifully to the masculine essence of men. I'm sure it will do the same for you.--Nicole Osmak (B.N., qualified health coach through IIN) Nourished with Nicole (Holistic Wellness) - www.nourishedwithnicole.comIn a world beset by confusion, wrought by political correctness, radical feminism, and 'gender theory', where the distinction between the sexes has become increasingly blurred, "Male and female He created them" sets out to unlock the truth hidden in our own hearts.In this groundbreaking book, Philip draws upon sacred scripture, Christian tradition and teaching, and the latest scientific research, to elucidate the primordial truth of who we are as men and women. He shows how the body is a sacred offering to God, our spiritual worship, and that by connecting to the truth of our sexuality, we transcend the mere physical and realise our higher spiritual nature, and our unity with all.It has been said that "Man fully alive is the glory of God." (St Irenaeus). It is the author's hope that this book will help both men and women to reconnect with the truth of their eternal sacred essence and become fully alive in who they are, to the glory of God forever.For more on this topic, check out Philip's website at
The main purpose of the book is to provide solid arguments for Catholics who have left their faith to think again about their current positions and better know the arguments behind the Church’s teaching, particularly those related to controversial contemporary issues. It also provides arguments for practicing Catholics to speak about God with their friends and colleagues. The book is mainly addressed to college and young professionals, but other readers with intellectual interests should also benefit from it. Following the First Letter of Saint Peter, we Christians should always be ready to provide answers: “... for people who ask you the reason for the hope that you have... with courtesy and respect” (1 Peter 3:14-16).
Learn the fundamental distinctions with this thoughtful study of Christ-ordained marriage! This unique volume reconciles a Biblical interpretation of marriage with the reality of domestic violence. Designed to raise awareness of abuse issues within the born-again community, Family Abuse and the Bible: The Scriptural Perspective works to promote the genuine sanctity of marriage and headship of the husband by examining the ways this God-given position can be subverted by Satan. It combines close Biblical exegesis with psychological insight into the effects of verbal, sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse. Family Abuse and the Bible offers new hope to conservative Christian women in abusive relationships. It demonstrates that abuse is not the will of God and that submission to violence is actually giving in to demonic forces. The tools in this book can ultimately free them from the horror of an abuse they may feel is ordained by God, while leaving them with an intact source of strength in their faith. Secular therapists and counselors will find Family Abuse and the Bible an essential resource that can help them remain sensitive to the needs of abused Christian women. This book explains conservative Christian beliefs about marriage, while providing powerful Biblical justifications that will reach Christian clients when secular ideas fail. Family Abuse and the Bible offers a clear-sighted Scriptural interpretation of domestic violence issues, including: the link between drugs and demonic possession the ways abusers twist the Scriptures to justify their ungodly actions the cycle of violence the role of repentance and forgiveness the difference between Biblical headship and abuse This book is an essential tool for pastors, Christian counselors, and family therapists who work with Christian clients and also for husbands and wives who want the Lord’s will for their marriage.

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