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Learn Everything You Can From Every Type of Boss Managers come in all varieties, and unfortunately you don't get to choose your preference. Too often, we find ourselves working for people who are tough to work for, difficult to "decode," or brilliant but inaccessible. Managing Your Manager is the answer to dealing with a problematic supervisor. Placing manager "types" into real-world categories--from the Bully, Scientist, and Star to the Geek, Parent, and Con Artist--it provides everything you need to make your work life more satisfying and productive. Managing Your Manager gives you the tools to: Categorize your boss based on telling traits Create a solid working relationship Avoid common pitfalls associated with certain types Become a strong leader based on lessons learned from various bosses Managers of all types can provide invaluable learning experiences that can enhance your career. Managing Your Manager empowers you with the knowledge, skills, and savvy for dealing with any type of boss and excelling in your job.
Finding effective strategies to empower you in your workplace is achievable. Manage Up! The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Manager helps your find ways to embrace your career on your own terms. Manage Up, has easy-to-apply tools centered on helping you develop an important skill; one that often does not get the attention that it deserves. Often, leadership focuses on how to manage others, specifically on how to manage and lead those that you directly supervise however it is also equally important to manage your supervisor, aka managing "up". Managing your boss is a skill regardless of the relationship that you have or how effective your boss is at doing their job. Your professional effectiveness can be a direct result of how you "manage up". Manage Up! The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Manager provides you instruction on how to tap into your and your boss's strengths and talents, the power of building mentoring relationships and the impact of networking. Manage Up! will help you enhance and elevate your performance and professional standing within your organization. Easily digestible and highly practical, you will gain mastery of a skill that is transferrable in any industry and professional domain. This book will increase your overall personal sense of job satisfaction and engagement.
Discover how to manage up at work and strengthen one of your most important work relationships: your rapport with your boss.
This book provides valuable insight and practical tips through case studies and examples based on real life experiences of middle and senior managers. While endless material (books, training workshops, seminars and studies) is churned out on leaderships skills, followership, the art of working effectively and harmoniously with superiors is underestimated. Valuable time and energy are spent (at the office water-cooler or family dinner-table) in crying, "Why can't my boss be like me/like my ex-boss -- more appreciative; more enterprising more considerate; more communicative; less rigid..."
Managing your boss: Isn't that merely manipulation? Corporate cozying up? Not according to John Gabarro and John Kotter. In this handy guidebook, the authors contend that you manage your boss for a very good reason: to do your best on the job—and thereby benefit not only yourself but also your supervisor and your entire company. Your boss depends on you for cooperation, reliability, and honesty. And you depend on him or her for links to the rest of the organization, for setting priorities, and for obtaining critical resources. By managing your boss—clarifying your own and your supervisor's strengths, weaknesses, goals, work styles, and needs—you cultivate a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. The result? A healthy, productive bond that enables you both to excel. Gabarro and Kotter provide valuable guidelines for building this essential relationship—including strategies for determining how your boss prefers to process information and make decisions, tips for communicating mutual expectations, and tactics for negotiating priorities. Thought provoking and practical, Managing Your Boss enables you to lay the groundwork for one of the most crucial working relationships you'll have in your career.
Unless you are CEO then you, along with everyone else in an organisation, , will have a boss. But as we all know, bosses can be from hell! Assuming things are not that bad, realistically your job is not to do as you are told and keep your head down. It is to work towards a situation where the relationship and way of working between the two of you benefits both; and to do so actively. This book is designed to help you make that happen. It will enable you to create a relationship with your boss as something that can potentially help you do a good job and to meet specific job objectives. Moreover, you do not succeed just by working for a boss; you must also work with your boss. The book provides advice and tips on collaborating and working in parallel with your boss.
This is your user's guide to bosses and getting the best out of them. The text gives practical useful advice on dealing with all types of problem boss situation - from the sarcastic to the lazy, from the overbearing to the weak.

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