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Hapgood utilizes ancient maps as concrete evidence of an advanced worldwide civilization existing many thousands of years before ancient Egypt. Hapgood concluded that these ancient mapmakers were in some ways much more advanced in mapmaking than any people prior to the 18th century. Hapgood believes that they mapped all the continents. This would mean that the Americas were mapped thousands of years before Columbus. Antarctica would have been mapped when its coasts were free of ice. Hapgood supposes that there is evidence that these people must have lived when the Ice Age had not yet ended in the Northern Hemisphere and when Alaska was still connected with Siberia by the Pleistocene, Ice Age 'land bridge'.
From crop circles to Atlantis to nanotechnology, this book is an illustration-packed interpretation of ancient gateway stories of the Illuminati.
"Was there a advanced prehistoric civilization in ancient Egypt? Who were the people who built the great pyramids and carved the Great Sphinx? Did the pyramids serve as energy devices and not as tombs for kings? Independent Egyptologist Stephen S. Mehler has spent over 30 years researching the answers to these questions and believes the answers are "Yes!" An indigenous oral tradition still exists in Egypt, and Mehler has been able to uncover and study it with the help of a living master of this tradition, Abd1El Hakim Awyan. He has also been given permission to share these teachings—presented heretofore in fragments by other researchers—to the Western World, teachings that unfold a whole new understanding of ancient Egypt"--Publisher's description.
Childress takes us around the world and back in his trippy finale to the Lost Cities series. He is off on an adventure in search of the apocalypse and end times. He has flipped out, and more. Childress hits the road from the fortress of Megiddo, the legendary fortress in northern Israel where Armageddon is prophesised to start. Hitchhiking around the world, Childress takes us from one adventure to another, to ancient cities in the deserts and the legends of worlds before our own. Childress muses on the rising and falling of civilisations and the forces that have shaped mankind over the millennia, including wars, invasions and cataclysms. He discusses the ancient wars of the past, including evidence for ancient atomic wars, and relates the dim past with the present and dim future. With humour, philosophical insight, and wonder at the amazing world around us, Childress shows us the many traces of advanced civilisation in the past, and how we should look at them differently than modern scientists currently do.
"A fascinating expose proving that Nazi Germany won the race for the atom bomb in late 1944. Were the Nazis secretly researching the occult, alternative physics and new energy sources? This scientific-historical journey tracks down the proof and answers these fascinating questions: What were the Nazis developing in Czechoslovakia? Why did the US Army test the atom bomb on Hiroshima? Why did the Luftwaffe fly a non-stop round-trip mission within twenty miles of New York City in 1944?"--Publisher's description.
Presents a new interpretation of how religion evolved in ancient Egypt, linking the teachings of Akhenaten and his connection to the Exodus to the "real" Moses and Judaism and to the Rosicrucians.
Horror and Wonder at the Ends of the Earth Writers are drawn to the unreachable places of the Earth - to the greatest mountains and depths of the sea, the most barren deserts, and to the white frozen deserts surrounding the north and south poles. In our minds' eyes, the beauty and mystery of the ice descends from Poe to the present and into the future, an infinite realm of wonder.

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