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Describes the characteristics of a top salesperson, tells how to acquire and maintain listings, and offers practical tips on finding clients, holding effective open houses, establishing a fair price, and closing sales, in an updated guide to the art of real-estate sales. 20,000 first printing.
This title describes the characteristics of a top salesperson, tells how to acquire and maintain listings, and offers practical tips on finding clients, holding effective open houses, establishing a fair price, and closing sales.
Sell it Today, Sell it Now is the authoritative resource by America's #1 sale trainer Tom Hopkins on closing sales in less steps. This book is designed to coach salespeople on the techniques to close sales using an unprecedented one-call system. The author has trained hundreds of thousands of successful salespeople using this system to generate 6-digit income in the sales profession. Sales Managers and CEOs are fans of implementing this system to generate more revenues in less time.
Perfect for brokers, agents, and other real estate professionals, this handy guide brings together the best ideas from years of incredibly practical lists and checklists published in REALTOR Magazine. This practical, one-of-a-kind guide is perfect for learning the business of real estate and perfecting the best and most effective tactics and techniques for helping your real estate career and business grow.
You're in sales. Whether you call it persuasion or sharing, it all boils down to the same thing. Your aim is to get other people to accept you, your product or your idea. Within these pages are hundreds of ideas for doing just that. Not only are the ideas here, but the words and phrases that make them work are here as well. Tom Hopkins is unique in that he won't teach you any strategy that he hasn't proven to work successfully in real-life selling situations. One single strategy alone has tripled the sales volume of many readers. That's why the book is recognized as a classic 25+ years after its first printing. This book is written in clear, easy-to-understand language. There's no hype or theory here, just proven-effective "how-to" strategies to help you increase your sales volume immediately. Need help in a specific area? Check out the detailed index. The answers to nearly every concern or objection are literally at your fingertips. Save yourself the time it took Tom to master the art of selling. It's all wrapped up in these pages for you.
Tough Times can be brought on by any number of factors: a down economy, Mother Nature, shifts in customers' needs, national tragedy--the list goes on and on. These types of changes can be extremely disruptive, even paralyzing, when we're not prepared for them. While many see no other option than to "sit tight" and "ride things out" when crisis strikes, true career professionals in selling understand that the only way to deal with adversity is to meet it head-on. That's why a positive attitude and a proactive approach to problem-solving are two of the most essential ingredients for success in selling--and why those who embrace them not only to survive but thrive, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Now, in his latest book, SELLING IN TOUGH TIMES, world-renowned selling expert Tom Hopkins puts his real-world , in-the-trenches experience to work and shares his plan to reverse the momentum of tough times--and even capitalize on them. With exercises to help you discover previously overlooked opportunities and eliminate waste, along with out-of-the-box methods for recruiting new customers and key tips on how to solidify your existing business, Hopkins gives you powerful ways to spur sales now and for years to come. Learn how to: Mine your client list to generate new leads Keep--and reward--your current customers so that they're loyal for life. Reduce the sales resistance that plagues tough times with tactics that overcome consumers' fears. Woo clients from your competition with 12 new strategies specially tailored for tough times. Cycles will come and go, but the principles of great selling and those who live by them stand firm. Find out how you can achieve your maximum selling potential, whatever the business climate, in SELLING IN TOUGH TIMES today.
"The Secret of Joy in work is one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." Pearl S. Buck "The more fun you have selling real estate, the more real estate you will sell. " Jennifer Allan, GRI What is "fun" exactly? And how do you have some more of it? Having more fun at work isn't about long lunches, casual Fridays or bring-your-dog-to-work day. It's about being really, really good at what you do. And knowing it. It's about being proud of how you promote yourself and your business. It's about making a comfortable (or even exceptional) income without changing who you are or becoming someone you don't recognize. It's about getting up every morning, eager to get to work, because you know you're the best thing that could ever happen to your clients. Now that's fun. In this sequel to Sell with Soul, Jennifer Allan shows you how to: Generate business and referrals from friends without making a nuisance of yourself; Win at the Numbers Game without spending a fortune or filling up land-fills; Become the agent who SELLS houses, not just lists them; Fill your pipeline by productively wasting your time; Painlessly and confidently negotiate commissions; List more houses by tossing out the listing presentation; Trust your gut when choosing a prospecting strategy; ...and of course... have more fun, make more money and enjoy the heck out of your real estate career!

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