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In Paris, an elderly man is assassinated as he takes his morning walk. In the war-torn cities of Syria, government forces wage a bloody war against their own people. The Russians are propping up the government, the French are backing one rebel fraction and the British are backing another. And in north Africa, young SAS trooper Danny Black is coming to the end of a gruelling tour of duty, or so he thinks. Danny has a new mission. An MI6 agent needs to make contact with Syrian rebel forces, and also with the private military contractors who are - unofficially - training this rebel faction as it struggles to bring down their government and establish a new regime that will be favourable to British business interests. Danny will learn who the masters of war, the men who call the shots, really are. Danny discovers a world where death is dispensed by the highest bidder and individuals will betray anybody if the price is right.
Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The Taliban are on the rise. A top-secret SAS kill team is assassinating high-value targets. It is bloody, violent, relentless work, suitable only for the Regiment's most skilled and ruthless head hunters. Like Danny Black. But when Danny joins the kill team, he learns that Taliban militants are not his only problem. There are elements within the British Army who want to bring the SAS to book. And there are elements within the SAS who have their crosshairs on Danny himself. Framed for a sickening war crime, Danny finds himself hunted in a brutal, dangerous terrain where his wits, training and strength may not be enough to survive. And in a world where his enemies are closer than he could have imagined, he must do whatever it takes to get to the truth. If he fails, it will mean the end not only of Danny Black, but of the SAS itself.
What happens when you mix a beautiful socialite and a mafia solider? “Sonny” is an insider's view of a mobster's world torn by different loyalties, competing priorities and above all, the need to stay alive. It's a fast-paced tale of romance, passion, violence, revenge and betrayal where paradoxically the Mafia underworld and the world of high society mix perfectly. With its roots in the New York Mafia, the story unfolds against the counterpoint of high society and wealth. The two worlds collide and lives change, some for better, some for worse. All scores are settled and the stage is set for the next battle as the book concludes with a happy ending, for most... “Sonny” is the debut novel in a continuing series where Santino Caperelli (Sonny Cap) has one foot in the upper echelons of organized crime and the other foot out the door, running the streets and answering to no one. Sonny is capable, charming, and ruthless when he has to be. The story begins with a chance encounter in Central Park between Sonny and a little girl. Her socialite mother and psychopathic stockbroker boyfriend weave an unexpected and dangerous relationship into Sonny's life. A mob war, a high energy trial and the score of a lifetime pull him from the grim reaper's grasp and catapult him to the top of the world, Sonny's World... Sonny is one of a series of four.
n the opening pages of OneThreeThirteen - A Presidential Agent Novel Series Book 1, the unthinkable has happened. The town of Wilmette, a middle class suburb north of Chicago, has been reduced to a rumbling cloud of dust by an atomic bomb blast. Who could possibly be behind such a catastrophic act of terrorism? And what country has just declared war on the United States during its most vulnerable transition – the swearing in of a new President? At the same time, hundreds of miles away, on Joint Base Andrews, in Virginia, Colonel Jim Madison, 161st Airborne, awakens to find a group of Black Ops soldiers stealthily making their way through his home. Immediately, he knows something has gone terribly wrong. Madison must do everything in his power to escape because he has a startling and dangerous secret. One that has the power to destroy the United States and its allies. At the heart of OneThreeThirteen is political mystery that entails an international conspiracy reaching as far back as The Battle of Mogadishu, The invasion of Afghanistan, and 911. All of which are connected to one man – Youssef bin Caneer, a radical religious Muslim Imam bent on the destruction of the United States. He is assisted, in his diabolical efforts, by his trained assassin, General Muhammad Nasser. General Nasser is a man seeking revenge for the killing of his wife and son in the Jenin refugee camp. But fate has someone else in store for General Nasser, in the form of Staff Sergeant Lucinda Olmae Washington. She will change everything. OneThreeThirteen is an international political thriller and suspense novel that asks the question, "How far would you go to stay alive?" WARNING: Book contains some scenes of graphic violence and adult sexual situations

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