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This 6-page chart covers every aspect of the structure of medical terminology related to the body and its use in the field. Chart includes detailed information on these and more: · foundation of medical words · skeletal & nervous system · male & female reproductive system · urinary system · cardiovascular system · gastrointestinal system · endocrine system · integumentary system · respiratory & muscular system · special senses: eye/ear · lymphatic & immune system
Having a Medical Terminology Book is a good reference to have for one's library. It helps people to better understand the health conditions they may have, and those of loved ones, because medical jargon can be unclear and confusing. It also aids in helping patients to communicate with their medical care providers in a clear concise way. It is a necessary tool for health professions students, and for professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, and Allied Health Practitioners to have and consult.
Learn medical terminology side-by-side with insurance and coding principles using this unique book. Each chapter is organized by body system and includes a review of the structures and functions, as well as commonly identified diseases and procedures for that system. Whether you are learning these concepts for the first time or reviewing them in preparation for an exam, this book provides plenty of practice on both medical terminology and coding using real-world medical documents. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Use a proven combination of learning principles and exercises to make teaching medical terminology easier . Now in its 7th Edition, MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS simplifies the process of memorizing complex medical terminology by focusing on the important word parts - the common prefixes, suffixes and root words -- to provide a foundation for learning hundreds of medical terms. Organized by body systems, the chapters begin with an overview of the terminology related to the body's structures and functions, then proceed through diseases and disorders, and finally diagnostic procedures and treatments. This helps students master the necessary language to describe how the human body works, what goes wrong with it, and how we treat it. Every chapter engages learners with the See and Say pronunciation system, interactive exercises, real life medical scenarios and critical thinking exercises. An updated art program includes illustrations that reflect the latest terms and procedures, and multi-cultural /multi-generational photos that accurately portray today's medical world. Built-in multimedia is included with the text on the StudyWare CD-ROM. This resource is packed full of activities that engage student with games, quizzes, animations, and an audio glossary ultimately helping students study , prepare for exams, and achieve success. Optional workbook and online courseware is also available. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
No prior exposure to medical terms? No problem! Designed for short medical terminology courses, this essentials-level learning resource uses simple language you can understand. Organized by body system, early chapters help you learn the foundation of medical word building with a basic analysis of medical terms, common anatomical roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Body system chapters present anatomy and physiology, terminology, common diseases, pronunciation, and abbreviations. Have fun while learning by taking quizzes, playing interactive games, and watching animations on the StudyWARE CD-ROM! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Grasp and retain the fundamentals of medical terminology quickly and easily Don't know a carcinoma from a hematoma? This friendly guide explains how the easiest way to remember unfamiliar, often-tongue-twisting words is to learn their parts: the prefix, root, and suffix. Medical Terminology For Dummies breaks down the words you'll encounter in your medical terminology course and gives you plain-English explanations and examples to help you master definitions, pronunciations, and applications across all medical fields. For many, the language of medicine and healthcare can be confusing, and frequently presents the greatest challenge to students – this guide was designed to help you overcome this problem with ease! Packed with ideas, study materials, quizzes, mind maps, and games to help you retain the information, Medical Terminology For Dummies quickly gets you up to speed on medical prefixes, suffixes, and root words so you'll approach even unfamiliar medical terms with confidence and ease. Bone up on words that describe and are related to the body's systems Correctly pronounce and understand the meanings of medical terms Find tricks and study tips for memorizing words Build your knowledge with helpful word-building activities If you're working toward a certification or degree in a medical or healthcare field, or if you're already on the job, Medical Terminology For Dummies is the fast and easy way to learn the lingo.
The fifth edition ofMedical Terminology with Human Anatomycontinues its tradition of excellence with a new and refreshed approach to covering all aspects of medical terminology. This revised edition embraces the philosophy that has made the book so successful, and incorporates fresh new features that will be sure to engage readers of all learning styles. FEATURES THAT PROMOTE SUCCESS INCLUDE: Organized bybody system—learners are able to easily locate all relevant anatomy, physiology, pathology, and medical terminology in the same chapter. Word Buildingapproach features an enhanced feature calledBuilding Your Medical Vocabulary,which presents all words related to the body system, including pathological terms, in one list. Readers can learn about medical words that are built from word parts, with their component parts clearly presented, at the same time as vocabulary words. Focused pathology coverage,with twoNEWfeatures:Pathology Spotlights,which highlight common conditions, andPathology Checkpoints,which provide the student with a concise list of pathology terms they have encountered in the chapter. Terminology Translator,a NEW feature on the FREE CD-ROM, provides an innovative tool to translate medical words intoSpanish, French,andGerman. Lifespan Considerationsdiscuss issues related to children and adults. Drug Highlightspresent essential drug information related to the chapter content.

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