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Poet William Wordsworth expressed the idea that we gradually lose our intimate knowledge of heaven as we grow up, observing that "our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting" of our previous existence in Spirit. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and co-author Dee Garnes had often talked about how the ones who know the most about God are those who have just recently been wrapped in the arms of the Divine: our infants and toddlers. In fact, Dee had an interaction with her own young son that convinced her of his acquaintance with our Source of being. Curious about this phenomenon, Wayne and Dee decided to issue an invitation to parents all over the globe to share their experiences. The overwhelming response they received prompted them to put together this book, which includes the most interesting and illuminating of these stories in which boys and girls speak about their remembrances from the time before they were born. Children share their dialogues with God, talk about long-deceased family members they knew while in the dimension of Spirit, verify past-life recollections, give evidence that they themselves had a hand in picking their own parents and the timing of their sojourn to Earth, and speak eloquently and accurately of a kind of Divine love that exists beyond this physical realm. This fascinating book encourages all of us, not just parents, to take a much more active role in communicating with our planet’s new arrivals . . . and to realize that there is far more to this earthly experience than what we perceive with our five senses.
Some of the most profound questions humans have asked are: "Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? What happens after death?" Personal accounts in Memories of Heaven suggest exciting answers to these questions, especially where we come from before we are born. These memories are messages from our true Home and offer a glimpse of the eternal nature of each human being. Discover exciting mysteries most of us have no memory of, including glorious gardens, buildings, and fountains; friends and family and the promises we made to them, and the many ways we prepared for our lives on earth. These memories will open your eyes and heart to your true worth, your limitless potential, and how completely you are loved. Discover who you really are, where you came from, why you are here and where you are going. And maybe a few of your own memories of life before birth will awaken within you.
Now revised and updated, The Memory Catcher was first published in 2012. For more than three decades, Sarah Hinze's groundbreaking research on prebirth experiences has provided solid evidence that children not yet born can warn, protect and enlighten us from another plane of existence. She has compiled hundreds of accounts that tell of heavenly encounters between parents and their soon-to-be-born children.As a young girl in Tennessee, Sarah learned to sense when angels were near. She eventually fell in love with Brent, who shared her belief in heaven. A year after their wedding, she held their first baby and realized that some of the angels she had felt nearby had been her own unborn children announcing it was their time to be born.After a series of personal challenges, including losing a baby to miscarriage, Sarah began to feel prompted that God wanted her to write about unborn children. Was it possible that other mothers had received similar experiences?Sarah decided to send requests for stories of unborn children to many publications across the USA. Within a few weeks, a mother contacted her and said, "I saw my unborn daughter and I want to tell you about it." Soon word spread and Sarah was collecting memories from around the world and publishing books about them.Now, with the help of her daughter Laura and her husband Brent, Sarah shares key experiences that shaped her belief in God, her willingness to follow His direction for her life, and set her on course to become the Memory Catcher, one of the world's greatest advocates for children waiting to be born.
Heaven isn’t just a dream; it’s a promise! For far too long, we’ve talked about heaven as if it were a dream or someplace that only exists in fairy tales. We want to believe it’s real, but with such an expanse of contradictory information, it’s difficult to know what to believe. To add even more confusion, we are left to sift through the tales of individuals who say they have crossed over and returned. With so many competing narratives and accounts based on what many think are beyond-death experiences, wouldn’t it be nice to have a straightforward examination of what the Bible says about heaven? Best-selling author and New Testament scholar Scot McKnight thought so too. He has penned more than fifty books, including The Jesus Creed, and has had a fascination with heaven since he was a child. As a professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, McKnight is no stranger to academic engagement and scholarly discourse. However, as an ordained deacon, McKnight is well accustomed to the concerns of the everyday thinker. The Heaven Promise represents the perfect blend of thoughtful research coupled with an easily digestible presentation. “My hope,” McKnight shares, “is that people will be hopeful about heaven.” The Heaven Promise offers an infusion of hope alongside a healthy anticipation of eternity. After all, heaven isn’t just a dream; it’s a promise. Heaven. Eternity. The Afterlife. When you mention any of these concepts, people of all ages and from all walks of life are certain to have opinions. How can we know for sure what heaven will be like? According to New Testament scholar and popular author Scot McKnight, all we need to do is to turn to Scripture to answer our questions. McKnight helps you examine God’s Word in order to discover what awaits you on the other side of the grave. Using the Bible, McKnight answers the most-frequently-asked questions regarding heaven, including: 1. What about Near-Death Experiences? 2. What about Rewards in Heaven? 3. Who Will Be in Heaven? 4. Is God Fair? 5. Will There Be Families in Heaven? 6. What About Children Who Die? 7. What About Cremation? 8. What About Purgatory? 9. Will There Be Pets in Heaven? 10. Why Believe in Heaven? Heaven isn’t the construction of a fairy tale or some mythical narrative. It’s very real; it’s very good; and it’s very much the fulfillment of God’s promise to you.
From its beginnings in Puritan sermonising to its prominent place in contemporary genre film and fiction, this book traces the use of terror in the American popular imagination. Entering American culture partly by way of religious sanction, it remains an important heart and mind shaping tool.

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