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When you look at the church today, what do you see? A corporation with a CEO at the helm? A social organization that does good things for the community? Pastor Ross Parsley believes that neither of those pictures is God’s desire. Instead, God wants His church to function as a family—a group of real people who love each other and care for one another’s needs, no matter how messy. Our culture is dying for the kind of community that only the church can provide—if we are living as God intended: as a family, protecting one another, extending grace, and loving unconditionally. We are not called to be consumers who ask what the church can offer us. We are called to love deeply, fight fairly, and bring hope to a generation of people starving to belong to something greater than themselves. Welcome to the family. You belong here.
Why do more and more people advocate the idea that the generations should explore faith together, and what does the Bible have to say about this? How does this fit with our inherited model of age-related groups for learning and discipleship? And is it really practical and possible to have an experience of church where the youngest to the oldest share the same meeting space, service theme and time to worship? Messy Church is claiming that this can and does happen! In Messy Togetherness Martyn Payne discusses Messy Church as an intergenerational expression of church and the benefits of this to the church community. He explores current thinking about faith development and gives a biblical rationale for the all-age approach, offering practical advice and sharing stories and ideas from across the Messy Church network. Also included are three complete outlines for Messy Church sessions, based on stories from the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Epistles.
Messy Church is a fun way for people of all ages to frame a church community outside regular Sunday worship. There are stories, prayers, and singing, but there are also crafts using unusual materials—and they can be messy! And there’s food—a meal to share with your whole family—and it can be messy! Make new friends, have fun, and experience a new kind of Christian community on the messy edges. This special edition has been updated to reflect Canadian vocabulary and settings.
This short, quick-to-read Canadian edition is structured in bite-sized sections covering the essentials of starting a Messy Church. It includes checklists, milestones, questions to ask a Messy Church you’re visiting, and “things we wish we’d known.”
An exploration of Messy Church and its theological significance for the wider church. 'Messy Church Theology' brings together essays and case studies from a wide range of contributors examining the growth of Messy Church and discussing questions of sustainability, discipleship, all-age church, sacramental, interdenominational, ecumenical and international possibilities, and the future of Messy Church.
In popular culture there is a perceived conflict between science and faith, yet in many ways scientific understanding can enhance faith. Messy Church Does Science offers Messy Churches the tools to use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith; demonstrate that science and faith are complementary; and enable children and adults alike to appreciate the wonder of creation. Ten sizzling sessions provide inspiration for the Bible-based activities element of Messy Church.

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