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Metal Detecting for Gold in Australia has over 150 maps and descriptions covering Australia's major gold nugget producing fields. This hardback has 400 colour pages jampacked with prospecting tips, the latest metal detectors and photographs showing the various gold environments throughout Australia.
Old coins, lost jewelry... there is an entire world of buried treasure right under our feet. Smith shows you how to claim your share. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to not only locate treasure, but safely recover it as well.
"I found my first gold nugget using the information in this book! I can't wait to find my second!" - Chad in Arizona "Packed full of great gold prospecting tips any person can benefit from!" - Bob in Arizona "Saved me a ton of time trying to figure out which metal detector was the right choice for gold prospecting!" - Vince in Nevada "Now I know exactly why, where and when I can find gold using the right metal detector. I am pumped and ready!" Jim in Colorado "I've been gold prospecting the old fashion way for over 25 years. I thought it was about time I tried finding gold with a metal detector. This book told me everything I needed to know!" - Mike in California "This is my 3rd book by Mark Smith and it leaves no stone unturned. Great information, easy to understand pictures, detailed illustrations and a great sense of humor kept me reading until the end. Thanks for another great book Mark!" - Kurt in Colorado Gold, one of the most popular and yet elusive precious metals on the planet can be found buried right under your feet using nothing more than the right knowledge and a metal detector. This book shows you how, where and why you can easily find your first picker, gold nugget or chunk of color. Over 180 pages of valuable gold prospecting information designed to get you out there finding gold with your metal detector. There is gold out there just waiting for you to dig it up. Learning how to find your first piece is simple and easy once you read this modern take on the old art of gold prospecting. There are people out there who are digging up rare and valuable pieces of gold every single day. You could be one of them, but only if you know how and where to look. Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide to Modern Gold Prospecting shows you this and much, much more. Veteran detectorist and treasure enthusiast Mark Smith continues to provide great information to anyone interested in the great hobby of metal detecting. In his 6th book, he manages to answer the common questions that every novice has when they are thinking about getting started searching for gold with a metal detector. From choosing the right machine to learning how to spot great gold producing areas, Mark Smith covers these subjects and everything in between in an easy to understand way. While this metal detecting book may be geared towards the novice gold hunter, there are plenty of choice tips that even experienced gold prospectors can use to help them find gold with a metal detector. Mark Smith reveals some of his best guarded gold detecting secrets in this metal detecting guide that puts more gold in your pocket. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to not only locate gold, but safely recover it as well. Learn how to find more gold by: understanding common gold prospecting terminology, understanding why common metal detectors won't find gold, understanding which metal detectors have been designed to specifically locate gold, understanding which gold prospecting accessories are worth owning, other equipment you will need, how soil conditions change the way you find gold, where you should start searching for gold, how gold moves around on land and water, how to research prosperous gold producing sites, how to locate existing gold claims, how to file your own gold claim, secret places where gold is always found, which recovery tools work the best, how to recover gold and more! What are you waiting for? Find out how you can maximize your gold prospecting finds with this informative metal detecting book today.
Alluvial gold locality guide for the Karratha-Roebourne region. This is a highly specialised book that would appeal only to a limited audience.
THE ULTIMATE A-TO-Z GUIDE REVEALING EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO BECOME A METAL DETECTING EXPERT Nothing is as thrilling as finding cool (and often valuable) stuff right under your feet. So grab this guide and get ready to dig up more and more finds. Packed with helpful information on making your search successful and exciting, The Metal Detecting Bible serves up step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and useful photos that can turn you into a professional treasure hunter. From quick-start tips for novices to insider secrets for the most experienced hobbyists, this hands-on guide is the ultimate resource on all aspects of metal detecting. • Choose the best metal detector • Learn where to search and why • Practice appropriate swing techniques • Integrate advanced GPS technology •Scout out beaches, parks and historic sites • Gain permission to hunt on private property •Identify antique coins, relics and jewelry • Use handy target recovery tools • Clean and safely preserve your finds • Sell your finds for a profit
Are you interested in metal detecting hobbies but just don't know where to start? Have you tried metal detecting before and unhappy with the results? Hi my name is Sherman Troy and I've been metal detecting for years Metal detecting is a fun and relaxing hobby You can go treasure hunting with loved ones What most people failed at are either they chose a bad metal detector or they chose a bad area This is where I can help you with my guide: -how to find good areas for metal detecting -how to buy a great metal detecting equipment -2 keys to finding the perfect spot with hidden treasures -3 mistakes you must avoid -how to comb beaches for treasures -how to dig up your finds -and many other metal detecting knowledge you need to know... Do you want to learn how to master metal detecting in just few days? Do you ever dream of going treasure hunting at the beach or even in your own backyard? This guide is where you start Go download this guide and start mastering metal detecting

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